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Taps Bugler: Jari Villanueva

Air Force Buglers

Some random photos of Air Force buglers with whom I was honored to work with for over 20 years [cincopa A4GAHQqUAarF]

Taps as our National Song of Remembrance

The few words of the Gettysburg Address changed the course of our nation. The few notes of Taps express a Nations thanks and gratitude for…

Taps Hoax Blown

BUGLE HOAX BLOWN, BUT NOT BEFORE CAPTURING HEARTS Anchorage Daily News Copyright (c) 1993, Anchorage Daily News TOM KIZZIA Daily News reporter On the morning…

When Taps is Blown for Me

WHEN TAPS IS BLOWN FOR ME Author Unknown When my last hitch is ended,And this weary, time-worn clayIs shrouded with Old GloryAnd forever laid away,Will…

Buglers of WWII

Videos and Photos of Buglers who served in WWII    

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