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21 Steps at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Why are there 21 steps?

100 Nights of Taps
Great program held each year in Gettysburg in The National Cemetery

A Bugle Call in “Victory at Sea”
The American composer Robert Russell Bennett use of a call in his scoring of the iconic WWII series

A Bugle Story from the 26th North Carolina Regimental Band
A wonderful story from the diary of a bandsman

A Reference Guide to the Most Common Collectible Bugles
What is your bugle worth?

Air Force Buglers
Photos of Buglers serving in the US Air Force

Allen Bodenlos, Master Bugler and Pearl Harhor Survivor
A WWII Bugler and survivor of Pearl Harbor

An Introductory History of the Bugle From its Early Origins to the Present Day
Photo essay on history of the bugle

An Excerpt From Twenty-Four Notes That Tap Deep Emotions: The story of America’s most famous bugle call
The essay about the origin of Taps

Apollo One Fire, The 
Tragic day for the Apollo Space program

Arlington National Cemetery and Memorial Day-Traditions Born in Irony
Article about the traditions observed each Memorial Day

Articles and Manuals
Bugle material that you can download

Bach’s Bugles Part 1
History of the bugles made by Vincent Bach

Bach’s Bugles Part 2
History of the bugles made by Vincent Bach for the US Army

Baseball and the Star-Spangled Banner
A look of how our national anthem became associated with Baseball

Bicycle Bugles and Bugling
A great article on the small bicycle bugles

Bugle Art Work
Photos and images of buglers plus some cartoon postcards

Bugle marches and calls in the works of John Philip Sousa PART 1
A look at the bugle marches written by Sousa

Bugle marches and calls in the works of John Philip Sousa PART 2
A look at the bugle marches written by Sousa

Bugle Megaphones
A look at the megaphones used to project the sound of bugles

Bugles And Scouting
Information about Bugle and Bugling in the Boy Scouts by Bruce McCrea

Buglers Between the Civil War and WWI
Photo galleries of Buglers

Buglers of WWI
Photo galleries of Buglers

Buglers of WWII
Photo galleries of Buglers

Buglers from WWII to the Present
Gallery of Photos

Buglers in the Civil War
Photo essay of Buglers who served from 1861-65

Bugles on D-Day
Were bugles used on D-Day?

Bugle Catalogs
Collection of catalogs that feature bugle and signal instruments

Bugles and Bugling prior to the Civil War
The Evolution of trumpet and bugle signals in the US Military 1789-1874

Buglers of Arlington National Cemetery
Five prominent Buglers who served at Arlington

Buglers of Arlington National Cemetery Photo Gallery
Military Buglers who have served at Arlington

Bugles for Performing and Collecting-Bugles for Use at Funerals, Ceremonies, and Civil War Events
What horn should I use?

Calvin Titus
Medal of Honor Recipient

Charlie Hughes The Baxter Bugler
A Bugler who played Reveille each morning for 36 years!

Civil War Re-enacting for the Bugler
Lots of information for those who wan to accurately portray a Civil War bugler

Civil War Bugler Photos
Gallery of Photos

Daniel Adams Butterfield
Information on the Major General who gave us Taps

Echo Taps
Information on performing this variation of Taps

Evolution of Taps, The
The evolution of the bugle call

Folding the Flag
Information on how to properly fold and present our Flag

Frank Witchey Tomb Bugler
The first bugler to sound Taps at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Frederick Fennell and Civil War Music
How Frederick Fennell influenced the interest in Civil War brass music

From Vietnam to the World Trade Center
Story about a bugle and a real hero of 9-11

Getting Started on the Bugle
What you need to know if you want to play the bugle

Hamilton Fish and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
The congressman who introduced the bill for the building of the Tomb

Hitting the High Notes
Sounding Taps as a bugler

History of Memorial Affairs
Story of how the United States recovers and buries its war dead

Hot Dogs and Baseball
Baseball and the great American food

How Taps Became Associated With Funerals
The first use of Taps at a funeral

International Bugle Society
The International Bugle Society is an organization to promote communications among buglers around the world and to improve bugle performance.

Jari Villanueva involved with Gods and Generals
My great experience making a movie

Jari Villanueva Biography
Jari’s Bio

John Philip Sousa and National Anthems
Sousa and his influence on national anthems of the world

John Philip Sousa’s Christmas gift to the United States
The story of “The Stars and Stripes Forever

Joy in the Mourning 
Some thoughts on the words to Taps by Leslie Harder

Learning to Play the Bugle
Good information for starting out or for comeback players

Leo Foster World War One Bugler
A bugle veteran of WWI

The Bugle that Sounded the End of WWI
Hartley “Hot Lips” Edwards sounded Taps on November 11, 1918 to end WWI, or did he?

The Evolution of the Star-Spangled Banner
This is an evolution of arrangements of the Star-Spangled Banner over the past 225 years.

The Letter
Story of a letter from a 9-year old to Sergeant Keith Clark

The Rollins Bugler
Small college in Florida that used a bugler for years

Last Post at the Menin Gate
The Last Post is sounded every night here

Life of Giovanni Martino (John Martin): Custer’s Bugler, The
Great article about the bugler who was the last American to see George Custer alive

Lincoln at Gettysburg
A look at President Abraham Lincoln’s visit to Gettysburg in November 1863

Lincoln Departs For Washington
Lincoln on his last day in Springfield IL in 1861

Lincoln on the Declaration of Independence
Our 16th president and his views on the Declaration

Louis Benz (Bentz) West Point Bugler
Benz was the USMA’s bugler for 40 years

Lyrics or Words to Taps
Day is Done, Gone the Sun…

Martha Jean Martye Awkerman
Remembering Martha Jean “Martye” Awkerman  1928-2008 Cornet and Post Horn with the Women’s Air Force Band

Memorial Day at Arlington
Sounding Taps on the Memorial Day weekend for years at Arlington

Music is a Powerful Communicator
How Taps can affect you

National Song of Remembrance
The efforts to get Taps recognized on the national level

Origins of the Model 1892 Bugle (M1892 Field Trumpet), The
Essay by Bugle historian and collector Jack Carter

Oliver Willcox Norton
Information on the bugler who first sounded Taps

Pat Walker Bugler at Baltimore Orioles home games
“Pat the Bugler”

Patton and the Power of the Bugle
Patton had his buglers sound Taps every night

Performance Guidelines for Taps
What you need to know when sounding Taps

Protocol for Taps
What to do when you hear Taps

Progression of Taps, The
The evolution of the bugle call

Robert Ripley and the Star-Spangled Banner
How one man influenced the way we look at “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “Taps”

Ruffles and Flourishes
The bugle call used to honor VIPS

Schmitt Music Mural, The
A iconic landmark in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sounds of Remembrance 2018
World wide sounding of Taps and The Last Post

The Sound of a Trumpet
from “It is Written” By Cecil J. Blay

Take Me Out To The Ballgame
A look at Baseball’s anthem

Taps 25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD released on September 12, 2006
Re-release of the movie that has feature on Taps

Taps at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
The history of Taps sounded at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

The Miles Standish Bugle
A wooden Bugle from pre-Revolutionary War

The Star Spangled Banner at Pearl Harbor
On December 7, 1941 the bandmaster on the USS Nevada led the band in playing the anthem under fire

The Photo at the Robert F Kennedy funeral
In June 1968 one photo stood as a reminder of the nation’s grief

Taps as our National Song of Remembrance
Movement to recognize Taps on the national level

Taps at Gettysburg-What Taps Means to Me
From 100 Nights of Taps program.

Taps Bugle Calls in Other Nations
Military Funeral traditions and usage in other countries

Taps For Lew Soloff
Story on how Taps was performed for this great trumpeter/Army veteran

Taps Hoax Blown
Story relating to the funeral of John F. Kennedy

Taps in “From Here To Eternity”
Excerpt from the book by James Jones

Taps Music, Sound Files and Information
Sheet music, sound files of Taps

Taps vs. The Last Post
A look at two icon bugle calls

The Broken Note-Story of Taps at the Funeral of John F. Kennedy
The story of the call heard round the world

The Bugle Call That Went Viral
A podcast interview with Jari Villanueva

The Lincoln Bugle History Not Proven
The $100,000 bugle sold at auction has a questionable history

The Night That Taps Was Played Twice
A personal reminiscence by Ken Rose LTC (ret)

The Taps Window
Information about the window located at Fort Monroe Virginia

The Titanic Bugler
The bugler who sounded calls on the HMS Titanic

The Titanic Musicians
General interest story by Walter Lord about the musicians who died on the HMS Titanic

Tips from George Rabbai to remember when practicing the bugle
Insights in performing from a noted trumpeter

The Bugler of Arlington
Nice poem about those whose render honors at ANC

The Taps Myth
Information about the false story on the internet

Ukraine Military Funeral Honors
Information and video on how funeral honors are performed in Ukraine

Pages of Taps videos from Youtube and other sources (Under Construction)

WWII Paratrooper With a Bugle
Cool photo of bugler

What is Veterans Day?
Thoughts about November 11

When Taps is Blown for Me
Poem by unknown author

When the Moment Came, He Was Ready
The story of FDNY Bugler and Firefighter Julius Pontecorvo

What is Taps?
What exactly is Taps?

Why the Name “Taps”?
Where did the name Taps come from?

William J. Carson, Medal of Honor Recipient 
William J. Carson was one the only musician to receive the Medal of Honor

22 Notes 22 Lives
Information about the 22 veteran lives lost each day

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