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Bugle Megaphones

If you ever watched “From Here To Eternity” one of the poignant scenes is were the bugler sounds Taps on the parade ground at Schofield Barracks. Bugle megaphones were used on military garrisons to help amplify the sound of the bugle. Used in a garrison environment, the megaphone was mounted to a swivel on a post enabling the bugler to play in any direction and the sound to carry further and over a broader area. These pedestals were usally placed near the main flagpole or at garrison headquarters.

Wilbur Dick WWII
Bugler at Texas A&M with mascot Reveille
Bugler at Fort Totten NY
Pvt. 1st Class John Ambrose, Co. M, 38th Infantry – Ft. Douglas, UT (ca. 1936)
bugler fort des moines ia 1940s
Camp Otis, Canal Zone

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