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Posts tagged as “Taps Bugler”

The Taps Myth

Almost every day when I check my e-mails, I get a message or two asking about or forwarding a story for my comment or enlightenment. It starts with, "Reportedly it all began during the Civil War…" and goes on to relate the story of Union Captain Ellicombe and how he finds his wounded Confederate son on a battlefield. The story is that the music of Taps is found in the pocket of the young man and that's how the call came into being. It is a heartwarming and poignant story, but false.

Taps-The Buglers Cry

Video on the history of Taps Jari Villanueva-Taps Bugler LOOKING FOR A LIVE BUGLER?CLICK HEREorContactwww.TapsFor We have a Patreon Page set up for your…

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