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Taps Across America Comments from Performers



I’ll be playing Taps in front of my home at 3 PM Pacific time in the San Diego area.

Clinton cemetery

I’m a Merchant Marine veteran and National Maritime Day and Memorial Day are often overlooked celebrations of those lost at sea especially for the Merchant Marine. I’ll be playing my trumpet in their honor on my front porch in Kensington.

I will be playing violin in my front yard. My Grandfather is a Korean War Veteran.

Trumpet at Maplewood cemetery in Anderson IN

Trumpet Guy at the NJ Jackals (Frontier League Professional Baseball Team)

I’ll be playing my trumpet in my driveway on Monday at 3pm local time

I Plan on Playing TAPS on Harmonica at the downtown Aspen Fire House #61 on Hopkins Ave

I am going to perform taps on my trumpet. I would like to add that I am a sophomore at Rogers Heritage High School, and I recently placed 15th in the state of Arkansas on trumpet. I am a part of the Heritage High School marching band.

I served in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam Conflict with a band of some of the best musicians I have ever known.  All three of my brothers also served in the navy.  I am so fortunate to be able to participate in this labor of love. I will be playing on my trombone, from which I retired last year due to considerable attrition (Bells palsy), but I’ll give it my best.  Those who have fallen before me deserve nothing less, and I can’t not do this.

Soprano G Bugle from Drum and Bugle Corps, on my front porch

I will be home, playing trumpet on my front porch. I will perform echo taps with my son, Paul Wittmer.

playing trumpet on the front steps in Robscott Manor, Newark, Delaware.

Boy Scout and beginning Bugler will participate and do my best.

“US Army Bugler 1982-1985

Professional studio musician.

Officer, American Legion Post 43 Hollywood, CA.”

I am 14 and I play Taps at Veterans’ Day ceremonies.

My 11 year old son will be performing Taps

Louisville, KY, my front porch, Bb cornet

“Lucas is my 14 year old son and he plays the trumpet.

He would like to participate to honor his grandfather who served during the Korean War.

He will be playing from home.”

I’ll be playing it on the euphonium.

I am playing for a private memorial day service that morning also.  I play taps every year at 7 memorial day services, sadly this year it will just be one.

I’ll be sounding TAPS on my flugelhorn in the neighborhood.

I will be playing Taps at the Veterans Memorial in Walnut Creek at noon then at 3  o clock in front of my neighbors house which is decorated with flags

Active duty Army trumpet player stationed at Ft Benning in the MCOE Band.

I will stand back behind my house near the shore of the lake, which will enable my neighbors around the lake to hear pleasantly.  I will probably use my very mellow sounding 1960s Olds Ambassador cornet, which plays very sweetly and should make a beautiful sound.

My back deck

“At my house.   Playing for my father who passed 12-19-19.   USMC


I am a music teacher and will also be posting my performance on my elementary school’s classdojo page on Tuesday when online school is back in session. This is a fantastic idea!

I will Sound Taps at the Saxton Memorial Park Honor Roll at 3:00 on Monday May 25th.

I will be playing Taps on the flute.

I will also be playing taps along with American Legion Post 341, Monday morning at area cemeteries.

Performed taps for many veterans and Vietnam war casualties.

Trumpet with my daughter, Hannah.  Blenker, Wisconsin

Will play Bb trumpet on front porch

It is a great honor to do this, thank you guys for what you’re doing.

14 years old

Howdy!  I’ll be playing taps on my B-flat Trumpet on ISs Quad at 3PM, Monday.

I will be sounding Taps from my driveway on a B-flat trumpet.

Currently an Airforce member. 15 years of service and still in! I will be playing Taps from my balcony on the trumpet that I learned how to play on 23 years ago!

Trumpet.  Blenker, Wisconsin

At the Auto Zone in Albion NY B flat trumpet

Trumpet. Grandpa’s plot at the cemetery

I’ll be using a B flat instrument, in Meridian Township, near East Lansing.

Navy Musician 1972-1976

My home flagpole with trumpet

My daughter, Bianca, is a Girl Scout and she’ll try (because she needs to learn the music) to play the violin on our backyard so our neighbors can listen to the taps. Thank you!

We are sending this out to our trumpet players in the Plymouth Public Schools band program as well

I was a bugler in my Boy Scout troop for 5 years, during which time I performed Taps at Memorial Day ceremonies each year. It’s been several years since I became an Eagle Scout and aged out of Scouting, but now I want to pick up my trumpet again and perform Taps for any veterans in my community

on my deck at home

I am a former music teacher that transitioned to the private sector about 13 years ago. I am civilian, and I appreciate opportunities to play when I can. Tried to spread the word across our local HS Band and Alumni.

Lake Leota Park, Evansville, WI. Trumpet

I’ll be playing on a C trumpet.

I am a member of Boy Scout Troop 823 in Stuart, FL as a Unit College Scouter Reserve. I attend the University of Central Florida. I will perform with my trumpet at the front of my home.

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this very worthy event.

I am a direct descendant of a Revolutionary War Captain and had 11 in WWII.

Thank you for this opportunity to participate in this special event. I will play taps on my ’57 K Modified Selmer.

As an Essential Worker for a Hospital, I will be working. Thank you for telling us about the John Wayne movie; I can now participate with my Harmonica.

My own front porch. I’ve sent a note to my neighborhood “” page. I’ll be playing my 48 year old Martin Bb Trumpet

I will be playing TAPS on my trumpet from my front lawn in Nashville, TN…What an honor this is!  Thank you so much for organizing this!!!

Will be playing facing US Flag at American Legion Post 539 front porch. Will be using 1914 Frank Holton Chicago Cornet.

Elizabeth is 10 years old. She just learned how to play her 1st ever instrument the trumpet this current school year. She has been practicing taps with her grandpa via FaceTime since he is in WI & she lives in NJ. She will be playing on our front porch. Her grandpa has been playing trumpet since he was her age. She is so proud to take part in this memorial day taps as her dad is currently serving in the armed forces & has for the past 13 years. Thank you putting this on for those how made the ultimate sacrifice.

I am a Specialist in the 208th Army Reserve Band. 42 Romeo, 9 Bravo

I will be playing the Horn

I’ll be on my front porch playing a trumpet.

I’m honored to have the opportunity to participate in this event. I will play my trumpet from the front porch.

I will play Taps on my flute using harmonics only to simulate a bugle. I sadly don’t own a bugle. . I will do this on my front porch in Cortland, NY and will try to record a video of my performance.

I will be playing this on tuba in honor of my father, Jack Porter, Captain, US Army Chaplain who was passed away in early April at the age of 84.

SPC Pichla – Bugler for USAR – I’ll be playing on trumpet on my front porch.

At home on VFW Post 1138’s bugle ok

Long Beach, CA. Violin.

Served 32 years as a Navy musician.

I’ll be singing from and looking towards Putnam Lake in NY.

I will be playing taps at 3 cemeteries and at the General Carl A. Spaatz Memorial located in Boyertown, Pennsylvania Memorial Day morning! At 3 in the afternoon I will be playing taps in my yard facing the Spaatz Memorial! I’ve been playing trumpet for 56 years!! It is my honor to do this for our Veterans who have served our country!!

I will be using a U.S. Regulation bugle made in the early part of the 20th century. I am a retired veteran of the Army. I also portray a musician in Civil War living history.

“We are organizing a playing of Taps to participate in Taps Across America. We traditionally hold a Memorial Program at our VFW which includes Taps but due to COVID-19 we will not hold our program however we can play Taps for the community.

Would it be possible to receive any additional patches? – we would like to frame and display the patch in our Post as well as give patches to the buglers. Thank you”

My Father-in-law will be 84 years old on June 24. He was in the Navy for 4 years and will be playing the bugle which he had done over 25 years for all veterans the part 25 years.

I’m a musician and music teacher, and this is the first in many years that I won’t be part of an official local Memorial Day event. I have shared this with friends and my students in hopes they’d like to also take part.

“I will be playing TAPS in my front yard on an old Holton trumpet, over 30 yrs old.

I will be playing to honor my dad (Navy) and his 4 brothers (my uncles). They all served during WWII.

I was an Air Force pilot in Vietnam. Took up the trumpet 2 years ago to play TAPS for veterans. Lost two friends from my pilot training class in Vietnam. I am older than my trumpet at 77 yrs old.”

In Australia

Remembering my fallen brothers and sisters that have paid the ultimate price of sacrifice.

Former USNR”

I’m a Life Scout and the Bugler for my Troop is Tomball, Tx. (Suburb of Houston).  I also play trumpet in my school band.

As it turns out, 3 p.m. is the start of our golf league, and tomorrow is the first day. I’ll be playing taps from the first tee prior to the round.

“In the backyard.

Playing trumpet.

I’m grateful to have just finished my Master’s in trumpet performance at UNC School of the Arts.

Paying respect (with my ability to play trumpet) to fallen soldiers is the least I can do for our military and their families.”

Fort Monroe”

“Hanover City Cemetary

10981 4th St NE, Hanover, MN 55341

Proud to support our veterans.”

I will be playing on our family’s Getzen trumpet. My dad bought it in 1974, and three generations of Wilmoth boys have played it in band.

I am 14 years old. I will be at my Grandparents house.  My grandfather is a Vietnam Vet and had requested about a year ago that I learn to play Taps.  I will be playing my trumpet.

Husband and I are veterans.  Playing with my daughter and we are doing echo taps

“Front courtyard.

My Vernon Bach Strad. trumpet”

I am a 7th grade trumpet player

I live in Beaver County Pa and will be playing the Trumpet.

My dad was a WWII Veteran, my husband is a Coast Guard Veteran.. and for All the Health Care Workers in the world that have gone to “”war”” against the Covid 19 Pandemic.  May we always remember them as we do the WWII and Vietnam, Korean and all other military conflicts.”

I will be playing in my back yard on the Lamprey River in Newmarket New Hampshire

I will be playing taps in the campground at Fort Mountain State Park.

I will play taps on the trumpet from my driveway at my home in Rib Lake, Wisconsin. I am very honored to have played Taps at many military funerals and Memorial Day events.

I will play taps from my front porch. It’s been over 40 yrs since I’ve practiced and played my trumpet, but there is no better way to start playing again than by honoring fellow veterans who gave all to our country. I’m a veteran of the Navy (83-89) and Army National Guard & Reserves (01-07). From the time of my active duty service until today, I’ve never taken Memorial Day for granted. As a life member of both the American Legion and VFW it is my duty to never forget. Americans should always be mindful of why Memorial Day exists even though the sacrifices made by our service men and women allow for them to freely enjoy the long weekend without ceremony. Thank you for this opportunity.

Patrick is a 2nd class scout. He will be playing on a bugle. He is the only bugler in his troop.

Playing trombone, at small civil war memorial park, Marshall Square Park

I will be playing my trumpet in my back lawn at 3 PM.  I used to play taps at veteran funerals.

Altonium (Alto horn). bugle is out for repair but I will use my trumpet. I will be playing from home.

I’ll be performing at home on my porch and will be playing my G Bugle.  It’s the least I can do for all those who lost their lives for my freedom.

I will be playing taps in our hometown cemetery in Franklin, Indiana.”

Lilly is a member of Scouts BSA (Boy Scouts of America).  she will play in uniform at a local cemetery (with social distancing) that is normally attended to by her troop on Memorial Day.  This seems especially fitting since our town is the “birth place” of Memorial Day.

“Fife and drum with the 1st Pa Reserve Volunteer Co Field Music, Gettysburg.

My son and I will play Taps on drum and fife respectfully and welcome invitations to do so.

We might go to Thaddeus Stevens grace, where he insisted on being buried with lancaster black residents and the colored troops from the US ranks of the civil war.”

I will be playing taps on my euphonium

I will be playing this with my two sons from our home here in Annapolis.

Haven’t touched my trumpet in a few years.  This is breaking that streak.

Will be playing taps on the tuba.

I normally play Taps for various events (Trumpet)

I am honored to be participating in my front yard in south-central Wisconsin on my euphonium.

Playing in Keewaydin State Park.

In my neighborhood on a cornet.

I will be performing on an original “battleground found” Civil War bugle. The last time I performed on this bugle was in 2013 at the 150th anniversary of the Battle at Gettysburg. I am honored to honor our nation’s fallen soldiers once again.

My Dad was a Veteran in the army band. He was a trumpet player and became a High school band director. His bands played for Memorial Day services every year of his career. This year there will be no band in the cemetery where he played in for years and now where he is buried. So even though I am a woodwind player, I have been practicing In remembrance of his years of playing for others. I won’t be perfect and I am sure he would correct my tone and tempo but I will be a daughter remembering her Dad.

I will be playing the trumpet at a small veterans memorial park across the street. Don’t worry, no gatherings.

I am going to be playing TAPS a few times over the next few days.  I will be playing at a few Different site in my area that would normally have TAPS Done.   I was a Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps attached to The Commandants Own The United State Marine Drum and Bugle Corps.  I served from 1999-2003.

I will be playing in Portland, CT as part of a formal ceremony w/ social distancing being practiced. The instrument will be my trumpet, a Bach Stradivarius Model 37 Silver Plated (she is my pride and joy). I have been playing Taps for 17 years for the town of Portland and the surrounding community.

I am in a very rural area East of Sandy Oregon.  I’m not sure if any of my neighbors will be able to hear me but I’ll try.  I will play my trumpet.

I play the bells and I have played Taps plenty of times!

Will play on my porch with my trombone

Gonna play Taps off the balcony of my apt. Using my trumpet.

“Will be playing this on a classic Conn Cornet.

BTW, many years ago, I used to play taps for veterans’ funerals. I didn’t realize there was such a shortage now, and be interested in volunteering to play at veterans’ funerals again.”

“I will be using my 50 year old Boy Scout bugle for this event. I was a bugler in scouts and played taps and reveille at several summer camps.

I am honored to show tribute to those who have served right from my front porch.”

will play taps in Houston, TX

Trumpet, in Thrasher Park in Norcross GA

I will be singing TAPS at a local veterans memorial park.  I am founder of #VoiceOfHonor

Playing after the 3PM moment of silence at the town war memorial.  Also as the sun goes down across the lake.

I will be playing on my porch on my conn 12b coprion trumpet.

“Remembering loved ones and to all the first responders.

From Michael Raney, Principal Trumpet, Bakersfield Symphony Orchestra”

My driveway. Bb trumpet.

I’ll be participating on the trumpet in Aurora Colorado. I’ve been playing since I was 9 (I’m 55)…. I was the bugler for my Boy Scout Troop. Played all the way through college.  I’m a bit rusty, but honored to join in!  I’ll be thinking of my dad, who served 27 years in the Air Force.  He passed in 2014.

“Trumpet Also, this is cool”

Great idea! Happy to be part of it 🙂

Trumpet on my front porch

Outside my home, Cannonball Bavarian Lion big bell Bb Trumpet in Raw Brass finish

Playing the recorder in Dumfries, Virginia.

I will be playing my G bugle in front of my home. I also play on my trumpet when I play echo in the Honor Guard with my American Legion Post.

I will be performing Taps on Bb Trumpet

I’ll be at my house playing my trumpet!

Playing with my wife in out front yard. Trombone and trumpet.

I will be sounding taps on my back deck.  In our wooded area, it should sound amazing !


City Park Veterans Memorial”

I will be performing TAPS on my front lawn with a marching baritone.

Sounding Taps at Veterans Memorial in hometown. 1978 Bach Strat trumpet. Life Scout with BSA.

I will be in 8th grade next fall and I am playing Taps with my Dad, who is a High School Band Director in our community.

Trumpet. At my home address.

I will sound Taps from my front yard.

I am a US Navy veteran and will be sounding Taps from my front lawn with my Bach Stradivarius Model 37 trumpet

I am going to use a civil war bugle that I bought in a antique store in Manassas, Virginia. (It might be a replica. I’m not sure, but it sure looks old.)  My neighbors are coming out and it will be the first time we have gotten together in quite a while. Social distancing will be in place.

I am a High School Band Director and myself and my soon-to-be 8th Grade daughter who plays trumpet will be joining me.

Dad and Father in Law both WW 2 vets.  Both career in service retiring as Colonels

I started on trumpet in 5th grade, switched to euphonium in 8th grade.  Played in The United States Army Band (Pershing’s Own) from 1971-1976.  Left the Band, went through ROTC, got a commission and served as an Army officer for 14 years and retired.  I will be playing Taps on euphonium from my front porch in Sturgis, SD.

Bugle/Trumpet. I’ll be in St. Matthews, KY at that time at my in-laws house

Being performed on the trombone.

In front of the house. On a G bugle.

Playing from my front porch between the US flag and the Texas flag.

Playing Trumpet, probably in my driveway in rural West Virginia

I will be playing from the front porch of my house that faces a large city park.

26 year Navy Band Member, Trumpet/Audio Engineer, retired.


I’m a former Air Force band member, stationed at Wright-Patt & Hanscom”

I’ll be playing at the lighthouse in lihue away from people.

Will play at Stater Bros Markets #125 here in Yucaipa CA, on trumpet

I will be playing from my apartment balcony, on an Austin Winds 460LT Bb Trumpet.

Aloha, I am a First Class Scout with Troop 148 in Lihue, Hawaii. I will be playing the trumpet.

On my front porch with my trumpet.

I’ll be playing my Trumpet in honor of my Uncle Bob, Navy and My Grandfather-in-law, Raon, Army, who both served their country during WWII and Korea.

“Plainfield, IL

Boy Scout Bugler

I was a junior in high school when the VFW called and needed someone to play taps.  I was honored to help and did several funerals.  I was in the US Air Force Drum and Bugle Corp during basic training.  I played a couple funerals in England for  retired US Military who had retired there.  We played a POW/MIA ceremony while in England also.  I love Taps and the National Anthem.  I play Taps daily again after picking up my Trumpet after a lot of years.  I will participate with honor Monday at 3pm.  Michael

I will be performing taps on an antique Eb cornet (ca. 1860), made by John Stratton in New York. By playing the instrument in 6th position, I will still perform taps in the key of Bb. Although I refer to it as a cornet, it more closely resembles a flugelhorn in its design. It could also be called a valved bugle, which is why I thought it would be appropriate for this purpose. This special instrument comes courtesy of the 8th GM Regiment Band in Fairfax, Virginia.

“Playing  my trumpet. Carried it all 8 years during my time in the Marine Corps field Bands”

Father and son duo playing on American made Bach trumpets for our Veterans!

Front porch; Bb Trumpet

I will play at the Veteran’s Cemetery in Hanapepe on the Island of Kauai in Hawaii.  I am gathering our local trumpet players to play across the island.  We will mostly likely be the most western and last participants considering our location.

“Josie is a 8th grader at Bridges Preparatory School, her grandfather, a Marine, was laid to rest October 31st in the Beaufort National Cemetery. She will be playing in honor of his memory. She plays Trumpet and Coronet

Jennifer Johnson (Mother)”

I am a veteran of the United States Air Force Band, in which I played the trumpet.

French Horn

I will play baritone horn, concert pitch

Band Director of 30+ years and honored to do this.

I’m a teacher at clay county high school; trumpet

My Pepere served in the National Guard in Nashua, NH for over 30 years. He also played in silent film movies and polka bands. I’ll be playing on his King Silver Flare, made in the early 1900’s.

“Bugle Driveway at the top of our Culdesac”

Ohio Flugelhorn

Band director, encouraging my students to participate as well”

“US Army Vet 2002-2006

Will be memorializing our fallen comrades from my front porch on a Conn 15B trumpet”

Retired US Army bugler and Bandmaster will be playing from my driveway.

At home trumpet will be first time playing it in 20 years.

I’ll be using a B flat instrument, in Meridian Township, near East Lansing.

“I am a semi-pro trumpet player. Female 53 years old – will be playing from my porch in Concord, CA. 

It is ALWAYS an honor to play Taps nd I never say no.”

I’ll be performing with my son. Both of us are trumpet players. I’m a US Army veteran.

I play French Horn but have a Flugelhorn that I will be playing for this event.

I’ve been performing Taps at 3 pm on Memorial Day at my York, PA home each year for about the past 5 years. I have friends who are Gold Star parents, and I look at this simple act as almost a sacred obligation for those of us who have the ability to do so.

Albuquerque, NM. Bach Strad Bb Trumpet.  Enlisting other players here and elsewhere.

Poughkeepsie NY trumpeter

Playing Trumpet in my driveway

I’ll be in Boalsburg, PA, which is one of several towns that claims to have the first Memorial Day

Will be playing bugle on front porch. Thank you for organizing this! Geoff

I served as a trumpet player in the  Army Band. I played over 2000 funerals for active duty deaths, retired military and veterans.

I’m a 71 year old Vietnam veteran and a lifelong trumpet player. I’ll play taps at  my home in rural Preble County, Ohio.

“In honor of my late father Col. Robert S. Cohen, M.D., U. S. Army Medical Corps”

Trumpet, front yard with her father playing as well

“Trumpet. Maybe I will go to the cemetery across the street or on my front porch.

(Also, one of your older players who is a Repasz Band member.)”

I will be on my back deck. We live on a golf course and the back of our house faces the back of everyone else. I’ll be playing my custom Powell Bb trumpet. It is an honor to play these notes. Every time.

Mt Roubidoux

I will be playing the Conn B flat cornet I played in grades 4-8.  I am 62 now, and I haven’t really played it since. It has been on a shelf in my closet for many years. When I heard about Taps Across America on the CBS news last night, I knew right away I would take it off the shelf and do my best to sound Taps for our fallen veterans and for those who have fallen to Covid-19. I will be in front of my house in Oreland, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia.

I am a Band and Orchestra teacher in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, and will be playing TAPS from my deck on my Bach Stradivarius 37C.

Plan on playing in my front yard on my father’s cornet.  He was an army veteran and has passed on. 

An honor to be part of such a special tribute.”

On my back porch with my Bach Stradivarius trumpet!

This is a marvelous idea!  Thank you!

Brookside Cemetery, South of Geneva NY on Snell Rd. My dad and other vets are interred there.

8th grader playing on F Horn.

“Front courtyard.

My Vernon Bach Strad. trumpet”

United States Marine Corp Band trumpet for 8 years.”

She will be playing at the Suomi Cemetery in Deer River, MN.

I am a trumpet player currently serving in the united states army

Playing from the driveway.   Star Scout and bugler for Troop 5.

I play trumpet in the University of Connecticut Marching Band

I will be playing my tuba.

I will be playing in front of IMC Medical Center in Murray, Utah, in front of the largest flying flag in the USA.

Yes.  I will be sounding Taps on the bagpipes.

At home, Bb Trumpet

I will be playing from my home in Avon, NY, on the trumpet. Thank you for organizing this!

Already a member of Taps for Veterans

Going to play hopefully at the Bonner Springs WW1 Memorial

Houma,LA Maple Ave Park playing trumpet

Trumpet, at my parents home most likely. And I will be playing in honor of fallen soldiers and the memory of my Grandfather who fought in the Korean War and my father and younger brother who are veterans of the US Army, and my brother -in law who is serving in the US Army.

I will be in Hammond, Indiana, using the trumpet that I have owned for over 40 years.

My grandfather served in Vietnam and my Uncle served in the Korean War. I’m going to be playing on my trumpet.

In High School I played Taps at a number of Memorial Day ceremonies. Both of my Grandfathers served during WW II. Although I could not play it for one of their funerals (due to him being interred at Arlington), I played it at my other Grandfather’s funeral. I plan on playing outside of my church which is located across the street from the city’s police and fire station. I thought this would be a fitting place to play.

Front Porch at home with Flag.  Bb Bugle.

I served 10yrs., 1975 – 82 in the U.S. Army. My MOS (job) was an Ammunition Specialist (55 Bravo), my rank was E-5 (Sgt.) and stationed at Fort Bragg, NC. I joined the American Legion, where I became Sgt. At Arms as a Legionnaire. I am also in Auxiliary (WOMEN) member, which I hold the office of 2nd Vice and considered a Duel member. I am currently the Post Commander, for Norwalk Post 359 in Norwalk, Ca.. I will play ” TAPS ” in front of my Post with our Bugle.

I’m 73 years old. I will be playing tape on a 54 year old baritone bugle on my porch at 3.

At home from my front porch…..soprano G bugle

On the deck sounding taps with my euphonium.


Played Taps MANY times over the years with the Police Honor Guard. Gonna be great to do it one more time.

I’ll be playing on a World War I Calvary bugle, played by my great-grandfather.

My Father-in-law will be 84 years old on June 24. He was in the Navy for 4 years and will be playing the bugle which he had done over 25 years for all veterans the part 25 years.

I am a trumpet/bugler in the RI Army National Guard

“Louis Ricyhard Rocco Park

South Vally Community Center, Albuquerque nm

“I will be playing at Raymond Hill Cemetery in the Town of Carmel NY. Trumpet

Former member of The NYG 89th ARMY Band .”

Boy Scout Troop 65.

We are members of the Homebrewed Brass Ensemble.  We will be playing TAPS at Veterans Park in Conroe, Tx.

Playing from my front door to the neighborhood-using my Marcinkiewicz B flat Rembrandt trumpet

My dad is a disabled veteran and my grandfather was a veteran. I want to contribute.

At the shore of Goguac Lake

Playing on our front porch in memory of my grandfather, SGM Hartman Beynon, retired from the US Army Band who passed away late last year. He taught me how to play the trumpet!

I think this is a wonderful thing to be a part of. On behalf of the Canton, MA American Legion Band, thank you for organizing it. I will be playing taps on the trombone.

I am a member of Trumpeters Alliance for the Presentation of Patriotic Services. ( We are professional trumpeters in the Las Vegas area who play taps, free of charge for military funerals

I have played for numerous vets and their families who had no one else except a pre-recorded tape.  I carry momentos of those occasions with me.  I am a member of the Boise Commmunity Band, did not serve, but had family members of the greatest generation who did.

Birdsboro Cemetary

My employer Lowe’s 2756 located in Tulsa Hills will be holding a moment of silence followed by taps in our store on 5/25.

I will taps On trumpet from my porch. Former Army Bandsman 4th ID (M) Fort Carson CO

Matthew Mark Winiarski-American Legion trumpet player since 1972   -military trumpet player for all military ceremonies. i will be at my father ‘s grave at resurrection cemetery in bensalem pa with full uniform and my trumpet to play the taps in honor of all the fallen service men who are buried there.

U.S. Army veteran.  Served with the 434th U.S. Army Band, Fort Gordon, GA.

I can do this on either a G-bugle or Bb trumpet (most likely the G-bugle for authenticity of sound).

Trumpet player from Long Island,elementary music teacher and free lance trumpet player

I look forward to honoring our veterans like this.

12 year old Boy Scout working on his bugling merit badge.

“Corporal Jimmy M. Mutchie, USMC

Sounding Taps for Lance Corporal Richard D. Jones, USMC of Niagra Falls, New York.”

By the flag pole at the CHP office.

possibly playing in Kalamazoo, Mi not in Gobles on my tumpet

This is my 14 year old daughter and she is playing with her trumpet as the whole family watches on wearing red, white, and blue

G bugle, Congressional Cemetery, Washington, DC.

Bugle from horseback

Playing trumpet in Eclipse section of Suffolk

“My tribute video is out.

Honored to take part.”

Overlooking the Tennessee Valley from the edge of the Cumberland Plateau.

Sing the song then play it on bagpipes

Boy Scout Troop 128, Troop Bugler, Advanced Band Ridgecrest Intermediate School, Trumpet player for Pacific Vision Youth Orchestra

I will be playing outside my condo, on the third floor.  I will be playing on a Roland Aerophone GO instrument using the muted trumpet sound.

“Is it ok to play taps on a trombone.  My understanding is no, but for this event maybe it’s ok.  Please advise.

Around 10am pn Memorial Day I will be playing Taps with a classmate at the local cemetery for a socially distanced, American Legion sponsored, service. I’m a junior in high school playing on a Bb instrument, and will plan to play taps again at 3pm from my front porch.

Playing at a local cemetery in a social distanced echo taps.

I will be playing in Oostburg Wisconsin on a Bb Trumpet.  Salute to our Veterans!

USAF Bugler, I will be sounding at Ft. Indiantown Gap National Cemetery

I will be playing my Getzen M2003 American Heritage Bb Field Trumpet from my front steps.

I am going to be a Freshman at Shawnee High School. My Daddy is a retired Fireman and has terminal brain cancer. My grandfathers also served in the military. I will be playing my brand new trumpet that my papa bought for me to use through High School and college.

69 year old and still proudly playing!

I am 14 years old and have been playing trumpet for 5 years. I am a member of the Cicero North Syracuse Northstars Marching Band. I participate in concert band, jazz band, select band and brass ensemble. Our Marching Band was in the 2018 Macys Thanksgiving Day parade.

My house with my trumpet!

I will be playing a valve/rotor G Soprano Bugle

This is my 50th year of playing Taps at over 4000 services.  I will be playing at the Viet Nam Memorial in Tonawanda NY along the Niagara River.  The monument was constructed by the Viet Nam Veyerans Chapter 77.

I will be playing taps on the green in the Beach Village in Jekyll Island, GA.

I am proud to be a part of this most important remembrance and acknowledgement of those who have served our country

On my front lawn with a trumpet

Trumpet, which I haven’t played in over 30 years.

Probably play on my back deck”

I’ll be sounding taps from the lawn of my barn in Middle Paxton Township, Harrisburg, PA.

Benge trumpet

“On my front porch in Napa, CA..I am a veteran..served in the Army


My dad and I will be playing echo Taps.

My immediate family will be joining in to play taps. I play trombone, my husband plays bass guitar, his friend plays guitar, and my 3 girls play clarinet, saxophone, and snare drum.

I will be at home using a Conn Boy Scout bugle.

I’ll be playing in remembrance of Army Staff Sgt. Patrick L. Lybert , KIA 6/21/06 Operation Endering Freedom

Trumpet, front yard, by the flag pole with American flag

My yard in Brunswick, Maine playing it on French horn

“US ARMY, Major, Infantry,

Airborne Ranger; Active Duty 1970-82, 2d Inf. Div, Korea;   1st Cav Div, 2d Arm Div.

Retired Reserve, 1982-89.

Mbr, North Georgia Veterans;

Vol Bugler, Ga Nat’l Cemetery;

Trumpet Study, Prof. Wm Adam, IU School of Music, 1965-66.

Playing Bach Strad 72L Trumpet”

Will be on Honeysuckle Bay playing trumpet on pontoon boat

Member of the 78th Army Band based out of Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst, New Jersey. I will be in Northampton, PA to sound taps at 3pm from my front porch.

Sounding Taps in uniform, at the Desert Storm memorial in Pasadena, CA. I’ll be playing a Bb Andalucia bugle.

Playing the bugle for an assisted living home with my BSA troop 317.

I will be on my driveway, playing the trumpet.

“Member of TAPS for Veterans. I sound TAPS for the funeral details of two VFW Posts, Centralia, IL and Salem, IL.

Honored to join the 3:00 PM Memorial Day Event.”

Trumpet, Granddads Bluff

Lake Webster, North Webster, IN

Trumpet as Instrument. Masters in Music and Pharmacy Technician.

I play trumpet as a volunteer in a couple community groups.  I will be playing from my front balcony on a Bb Bach Stradivarius trumpet.

I will be playing from my front porch on the trumpet.

“Will play twice, in opposite directions, from a 160 ft. carillon belfry. . To be followed by a performance of America the Beautiful on the bells

I plan on playing Taps in my front porch.

I will be playing my trumpet in my front yard with my brother

I plan to walk to my local cemetery and play taps where I normally conduct my high school band for Memorial Day

I will be sounding Tapson the trumpet on the shore of Ball Pond in New Fairfield, CT.

I’ m a trumpet player and band teacher in Texas High Schools.

“Each year, I play taps at five local cemeteries around town starting in the morning; representing American Legion Post 537.

For this event, I plan on playing taps at the ball field on my street at 3pm est.

Growing up, I was a member of a world class drum & bugle corps called Crossmen. My instrument of choice is a 3-valve G Bugle, which is the modern-day version of a bugle. I am honored to take part in this event.”

My niece us current USAF.

My dad brother AF Vets.  My UNiles both Vietnam Vets,Marines.

One passed a year ago.”

I’ll be playing “Taps” at home (in my driveway) in Pasadena, Texas (Houston suburb), and I am thinking about using a new trumpet mute that I designed during quarantine that will create the “Echo Taps” effect.  (Alternating bits of “Taps” between open and muted.)

Royaleers Drum & Bugle Corps 1966-1973

Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps 1975″

I may use my bugle instead of a trumpet but it’s pitched pretty high –

I am going to play the trumpet, on my back porch since I know at least 3 veterans in my neighborhood

Playing my cornet out in front of my house, the same instrument  I’ve played for Taps Across America (at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery) and at my father-in-law’s funeral.

I’ll be bagpiping amazing grace, followed immediately by taps. Taps will be played at 3.

Columbus, Ohio, trumpet player


Will be playing on euphonium in the parking lot of MozArt Studios & Gallery

trumpet – front porch – beside our flag

“Astoria, NY Trumpet”

“I will be at our veterans part here in Harrison Michigan.

I will be proud to play taps with a larger group then just me, thanks for remembering!”

I am a retired Navy musician, serving from 1996-2016.

There are three brass players in our house.  We will be playing on a King cornet, an Olds studio cornet, and a doc Sev model getzen.  Plan on doing an echo variation for the neighborhood.

I’ll be on my back deck and I play the Bb Trumpet. I’ll be playing Taps in the key of Concert G (starting on the Bb Trumpet E), which is the same open series notes from the original G Bugle.

Location: Port Chester’s Vietnam War Memorial

Trumpet player.. Life Scout.

Will be playing the trumpet.

I am a Boy Scout in Troop 36 of Oradell, NJ and I have been playing Taps every night since April 8, the day the news broke that many veterans had died due to COVID-19 at the Veteran’s Home in Paramus. I would be honored to play on Memorial Day at 3 pm with fellow buglers.

I’m a USMC veteran. I will be playing the trumpet.

I will be playing it on piano

I am a former Army Bugle player and continue to play taps at funerals and ceremonies.

I’ll be playing my Mellophone G Bugle from my front porch.

I will stand on my porch to play my trumpet.

I am in the 7th grade band and play Trombone.

“Honoring our Veterans in Quincy Ma


B flat Trumpet from front porch

I am playing in honor of my dad who just passed away this week at the age of 94. He was a WWII Vet and served aboard the USS WASP CV-18 from 1943-1946. He was VERY PROUD of the years he served. I also perform taps for Bugles Across America. I’ll be performing in Hamden Ct where our family was raised.

This year I’ll be sounding taps in honor of my great-uncle Joseph Gagliardi United States Navy world war II. Uncle Joe recently passed away from covid-19 at the age of 95.

I might do this at our local veterans cemetery

Rockwood, PA

Trumpet;  my sons may join me (also brass players)

Lvette & Sheaffer (Paris) Clairon, Bflat

8th Infantry div. band trumpet player76-79. Playing for my dad a WWII vet

I will play Taps on my clarinet. This is what I do for my USN Sea Cadet battalion.

I am a member of Buglers Across America

At home on the front porch. Playing Taps on the euphonium

I will playing on my trumpet

Trumpet @ 1 Hearn Place, Newark, DE 19711

My son Joseph and I will be sounding echo taps in the front yard

I’ll be in front of my house. I’ve played trumpet for 8 years now and am taking it into college for music education.

I’ll be in Kenner, Louisiana playing on my G bugle.

I will be at home playing my trumpet from my front porch. I am a retired elementary school teacher who has decided to once again play the trumpet I loved so much in high school! I am also part of the Napa Valley Wind Ensemble – a group of 40 dedicated souls, just like me. We have a great time!

“Rockwood, Pa

Bb Trumpet

Playing beside my Brother’s grave, Marine Veteran.”

Front yard, trumpet


I will play either trumpet or French horn. Haven’t decided yet.

I’ll be performing in my neighborhood. m primarily a low brass multi-instrumentalist. I do play trumpet mainly so I can do Taps!

Of course all of the parades that I usually take part in on Memorial Day were cancelled, but, one of the towns contacted me and asked if (while being socially distant) I would perform TAPS at the 7 wreath layings they do every year. I will be doing that in the morning and taking part in this in the afternoon. I also forwarded the information to members of the 215th Army Band (I was a member for several years) so they can further spread the word!

I am a scout and will be performing on trumpet with my father.

Trumpet, Pomona California

I will be in downtown Sulphur Springs or possibly at my Mom’s house in Fort Worth.

I recently had my first solo performance of the Star Spangled Banner on my euphonium. It was one of the most euphoric experiences I’ve had in recent years. I’m looking forward to honoring those who have served.

I’ll be playing the trumpet in my front yard!

When I retired, I sold all my brass instruments (I’m a bassoonist).  However, I just remembered that I still have my soprano trombone, and will playing Taps on that (it sounds just like a trumpet).

My 5 year old grandson and I will joining with bugle and trumpet from our freshly planted Victory garden!

In my yard with my euphonium

Thank you for your service

I’ll either be in Montana or Alberta, Canada.

I’m my neighbourhood there is a person who plays bagpipes every night so we plan on asking him if we could play taps together but of course 6 feet apart. I will be playing trumpet.

Thanks for organizing this. As a musician, it is a great reason to play.  I will be playing with my brother at the Highland Cemetery in Norwood. Massachusetts where our father is buried.  John J. O’Toole was a WWII Veteran.

I am currently at the army school of music for AIT, on Monday most if not all the trumpet will sound taps at 3pm behind the school of music. If we get it approved we might be able to send a video of us all playing but there should be 7-9 people playing taps together here come Monday!

OLD American Challenger coroner that I bought at an antique mall – curbside, a month ago. I’m a horn player – this will be my coronet debut!

Yard, I will be playing my cornet

I will play taps on both mellophone and trumpet.

Will be performing with multiple instruments, possibly harmonized.

Will be outside on the Bluebird Ranch playing flugelhorn to a couple hundred Belted Galloway cows.

I will stand by flag in driveway, playing trumpet.

Sunset Memorial Gardens, Frankfort, KY

I will be in my driveway playing a trumpet in honor and memory of my uncle who served in Vietnam

Nashville, TN area.  Will be playing in witness of our children.  Growing up, I played Taps for our local military funerals.  Thank you for organizing this!

I will be playing bass clarinet!

Playing my trumpet, maybe with my son.

Kansas Veterans Cemetery, Winfield, KS

I will be sounding Taps at 2540 LaVeta Ln., Pueblo, CO in remembrance of my uncles who served and are now gone. And in remembrance of those who served with my father, Francis B. Bush, Feb 1945 – June 1945, European Theater Operations, 70th ID, 725 FAB (155mm) in the region of Forbach Germany.  Because I am normally a Tubist I will be sounding Taps on a Oval Bb Euphonium.

Poughkeepsie N.Y. playing my trumpet in my Front yard!

Clarion Cemetery

I will be playing my trumpet in Normal, IL at my girlfriend’s house. It is a neighborhood of several elderly people, so I see this as a beautiful opportunity to memorialize our fallen soldiers and honor those tackling the nation’s current major threat in the virus.

Playing trumpet at my Father’s grave. He was a Marine during WWII.

“During Viet Nam I was a trumpet player with the 77th US Army Band at Ft Sill OK. 

Some say taps is only 24 notes long, but played in front of a grieving family who has just lost a loved one it can be the hardest 24 notes there are.

I have always felt honored to be able to perform taps for the family.

I and currently a member of Bugles Across America whose goal it is to always have a live performance of taps at military funerals.”

Lawrence University

I have been a part of the Rhode Island Echo Taps for the past 10yrs run by Mike Jackson.  I am so glad I will not miss this important rendering this year. So important to make people pause and realize the importance of what others gave/and give. I will be playing taps on my trombone with 2 other trombonist playing a mini-echo taps.

This is my junior year and I was supposed to play Taps at the Memorial Day Ceremony. I am glad to still get the opportunity but in a different way.”

JJ will play trumpet, Zach will decide between his brothers cornet and his own tuba.  We will likely be at Grandparent’s home in Three Rivers, Michigan.  If not, we will be in our own backyard in Kalamazoo, MI.

My front porch. Playing Trumpet. I am a veteran of US Army Band.

Flute/ backyard

I will be playing my trumpet at my grandparents in Clearwater.  My grandfather and uncle who served in the military will be there for my performance.

Front Porch. Playing Trumpet.

“Kansas City metro area on trombone.

I have had the honor to preside at the graveside of some of our brave men and women as a pastor in the Presbyterian Church and would love to honor those who have fallen in service of our country.”

“OBX, NC during a week at the beach.  Yamaha 6345HG II  Bb

I am a retired bugler from “”The Hellcats”” of the USMA Band at West Point, NY”

I will be playing taps pen my trumpet in the back yard of our neighbor’s house. Her husband, who is a Marine veteran, has been battling Parkinsins for a long time now and has not been able to get out during this quarantine. So it will extra special for him to have taps played at his doorstep so he can feel more connected with his brothers and sisters who have fallen.

Trumpet, my father and I will play. I will play then my father will play the echo when I’m done. We usually participate, for the last few years, in our town Memorial Day Service so I am glad I still will be able to pay tribute to those who lost their lives.

Aiden is a 14 yr old playing the trumpet. He would like to start playing taps for events when needed.

I will be at home in Lake Hamilton Florida with my family. I play trumpet. My twin brother, 3 of my grandparents, many of my Uncles and cousins are all Navy veterans.

Front yard. As best as i can play.

“Pearland, TX

South Hadley middle school

My piano will sound Taps, using our Girl Scout Songbook, in Bflat, with our windows open!

While in high school, I played Taps numerous times for funerals, Memorial Day services, and various other services with the Osceola Mills Honor Guard in Pennsylvania. It was always an honor. I’m glad to be given this opportunity again!

Berwick Place Neighborhood Gazebo

I just turned 16 and got my Eagle Scout rank when I was 14. My project was Helping Heroes without Capes, a donation drive to help veterans in need. This Monday at 3pm  I will play my saxophone in my lawn.

I also volunteer for Bugles Across America.

I am sounding Taps for two Memorial Day Services that day.

I am 14 years old and have been playing trumpet for 5 years. I am a member of the Cicero North Syracuse Northstars Marching Band. I participate in concert band, jazz band, select band and brass ensemble. Our Marching Band was in the 2018 Macys Thanksgiving Day parade.

Sorry, I don’t have a trumpet or bugle. I can play on a regular (French) horn, or perhaps a mini Bb horn.

Back deck of my home in Petal, MS playing trumpet

My grandfather served in the Vietnam war, and my great uncle served in the Korean war. I would like to honor them with this ceremonial playing of Taps on Memorial Day.

My 11 year old daughter will be playing taps in her GS uniform at the local middle school parking lot

Trumpet, front porch.

Will use my Bach 37 Stadivarius.

front lawn, trumpet

I play Taps every Vets day at my WWII Staff Sergeant Stanley E. Rychlicki’s grave in Caledonia, NY with my 1942 US Regulation bugle.  I will do the same on Memorial Day 2020.  Thanks for the opportunity.

Front porch using a B-flat Bach Stradivarius model 37

Husband and I will do echo taps from our deck in Winchester, WI

Wife and I will do echo taps from our deck at lake house in Winchester, WI

I’ll be at home playing trumpet. I also played taps at the Cowboy Church , Montgomery Texas, Sunday, May 24.

I will be on my front deck playing my coronet from high school!

My son is a 4th grade Webelos Cub Scout. He just started playing the trumpet in October. When he saw this today, he said, “Momma, I’m going to practice all weekend so I get it right.”

“Tullytown Cemeter Tullytown, PA”

Back porch, Old Guard bugle (Kanstul)

I will play TAPS on a YORK Regulation Bugle in G

Anthem and service songs will be on my CONN Director Cornet”

Both my daughter and I will be performing.

Either trumpet or french horn. Haven’t decided yet. French horn is my main instrument.

Playing at home on a flugelhorn.

Love across street from Gethsemane Cemetery. Will play at my flag pole towards cemetery. G bugle (trumpet) Member of Reading Buccaneer Alumni

Eagle Scout

I’ll be on my porch playing horn

Valparaiso Porter County Museum Flag pole (Pocomuse), 153 Franklin St. Valpo

Connor often has played TAPS for his schools Veterans Day chapel at North Clackamas Christian School since 7th grade and he will be a senior this fall. He appreciates honoring Veterans with his music and will be playing on our driveway.

I will be playing Taps on piccolo in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. Yes, I know, not a bugle-type instrument, but as a former AF sergeant, I learned that one makes do with the tools at hand. I will be playing on the campus grounds of Nazarbayev University where I teach and live. The above address is my parents’.

I will be live streaming Taps on our local Girl Scout page!

For my Father and his selfless 30+ years of service in the US Army.

Playing bagpipes at the war memorial in Plainfield,IL

I have trumpet players lined up to play Taps at the local cemetery every hour on the hour. I will play at 3pm.

“I will actually be playing at 3pm local time from Lockdown in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India! American, Boy Scout leader, but temporarily in India right now, as I have been finishing my PhD here and studying the local music. I have a cheap trumpet with me which I will be using.

The patch can be sent to my USA address though…we will be back there shortly after the lockdown lifts and flights open back up”

I’m going to be playing on my rotary Kuhlo horn in Bb. (like a civil war style flugelhorn).

I will be preforming with my brother Cristian Lopez.

I will be sounding Taps in my front yard, with my Civil War Infantry Bugle

I’m a Captain with the Mount Ephraim Fire Department Station 45 and have been playing taps since 1996.

I’m a US Expat trumpet player living in Sydney, Australia. Will be playing 3pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.

At 3pm I will play from my driveway. I also plan to visit both of my grandfathers’ graves and play there later in the afternoon. One served in World War II and one served in Korea.


Trumpet, New Jersey in honor of a veteran

I will be playing taps on my euphonium in my yard.

I will be sounding TAPS on my porch at my residence at 3:00pm sharp.

I will be an 8th grader in the Fall.  Playing with my dad on our driveway of our house.

Looking to perform it at the local Veterans Cemetery with social distancing in mind otherwise another somewhat secluded location.

I plan to be at home.  I will be playing a trumpet.

I’ll be playing Echo Taps with my daughter Rebecca who is graduating HS this semester.

I will be performing by the flagpole in front of my house with my Getzen M2003E Bugle in G.  I retired from the US Navy Submarine Force in 2015 and have been very active volunteering to play Taps for Veteran’s funerals, Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day ceremonies.  I play Lead Soprano for Bayou City Blues All-Age Drum and Bugle Corps and Lead/Solo Trumpet in several local bands.

Joey is a 2020 graduating senior at Sterling Heights High School in Sterling Heights, Michigan. Joey played Taps at his school’s flag pole. Joey was first trumpet with his school’s symphonic orchestra and jazz band, he was also a marching band soloist this past football season. Joey was selected to perform in several honors bands this year, some of which did not perform because of the lock-down. Joey is also an Eagle Scout; he has chosen to continue his journey with the Boy Scouts as an adult Assistant Scoutmaster.

I am a police officer and will be playing my bugle in uniform. Not sure what location in town yet.

I will be sounding Taps in my Dad’s front yard. He is a Korean War Veteran, 60 year member of his American Legion Post, Mayor of Kampsville, IL and will be 91 in July!

Front yard. As best as I can play.

Trumpet in front of my house.

I will play my trumpet in my front yard.

I’ll be playing on my trumpet at my home.

I will be in Prospect Hill in Wessington Springs

“I have played the trumpet for 50 years. My dad was a Navy flyer killed in a crash in 1961. I was twoI am honored to participate in this event.”

Front yard, trumpet

Front yard with American flag playing my trumpet

Proudly performing for the Pilsen neighborhood in Chicago, IL

May the Love of God and His Mercy continue to Bless America. I will be playing my Cornet on my front lawn.

I will be at home in Lake Hamilton Florida with my family. I play trumpet. My twin brother, 3 of my grandparents, many of my Uncles and cousins are all Navy veterans.

Life Scout, Troop 811, Brea, CA.  Will be playing taps in our yard by our flag, accompanied by by older brother, Eagle Scout Matthew Remley

My name is James, and I am a first-year University of South Florida student (going into my second year this fall). I am 17 years old. I will be playing the trumpet on the driveway to my house in Sarasota, FL.

I plan to be in the parking lot of our small town American Legion or local civil war centenary.  I will be using an Ultratone bugle that is used by our local senior drum and bugle corps.

“I was the echo my senior year at our band’s Memorial Day parades.

My Daughter a senior this year”

Myself, and 4 of my high school band students will be sounding Taps together (socially distanced) around the war memorial in Wallington.  I already have a patch, but would love if you sent me some to give to my students.

Veterans monument in Clinton Ohio with an alto saxophone

I have been a bugler for all memorial events in my area since I have been in 7th grade when there were no women buglers!  I am now 64 years old and the bugler for the American legion and  the VFW in my town in Western Pa.  Because of the Covid Virus, we will not be able to do our normal services.  I am always honored to play for any event honoring our military. I will be at my home, I am a professional trumpet player and will be playing on a WW2 Army Cornet given to me by my Aunt Gen.

I will be playing from my backyard on Fort Drum with my custom Bach Bb trumpet.  It is the most suited location for my sound to carry throughout my neighborhood.

“Will be played on a trumpet changed to a different key. 

The plan (at least as of now) will be to play it from the roof of my apartment building.”

I will be in a small band playing a euphonium.

I have contacted our Town veterans agent to see if I could play at the veterans gazebo where the parade would have normally ended. If there is no conflict, I will play there.

Our son will be playing from our front yard.

I am honored and grateful to participate in this wonderful celebration.  Taps has been downloaded into my iTunes account and I will be in my front yard at 3 pm on Monday with my soundbar volume up to honor our heroes.


I’ll be playing for my best friend MSTG ADAM Benjamin. KIA August 18, 2009, my uncles who’s served as well as all who have served.

Performing on civil war era b-flat rotary valve cornet

Killdeer Area Ambulance Service in Killdeer ND. Trombone

I’ll be playing my trumpet. I’ll be on my porch but I may go downtown by our memorial is weather is nice.

Trumpet on back porch facing cemetery next door.


I will be playing the trumpet in my front yard.

I will play on my deck- alto saxophone

I’m a high school junior at Clinton Massie high school

I’ll be playing taps on my trumpet in my neighborhood in Byron Center, Michigan.

I will be playing the trumpet at my Grandfather’s farm in Lapoint, Utah.

Playing taps from the town center gazebo

I am a High School Band Director in Marlborough Massachusetts. I have been playing the trumpet for 25 years. My grandfather was a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force. He was killed when my mother was 11 on his way to Vietnam.

Will be playing my cornet from the porch in town Galion, Ohio

Baritone single valve bugle, top of the Hill.

Bach Strat, Silver Trumpet, performing open in Bb.”

Recently retired horse racing bugler. Performing on a bugle from the porch of a Victorian home.

On the front porch of my home. Getzen bugle.

US Marine in full dress blues playing trumpet in my neighborhood.

Conducted Taps Across America at Riverside National Cemetery in 2007 as part of my Boy Scout’s of America Wood Badge project.

Playing my trumpet in my driveway in Oceanside, CA

Gabriel Johnson, a sixth-grader at St. Gregory the Great Middle School, will play taps on his trumpet from his front porch at 3:00 p.m. on Memorial Day, 2020.

Father and son playing trumpet and flugelhorn, on front porch.

Flugelhorn; front porch

I am a junior high band director. I will be playing on my front steps.

“Second Class Boy Scout

Will be home”

The Galion Tiger Alumni Band Members are going to be playing. I will be on my porch.

My son will be playing the music on his trumpet. 7th grade band.

I’ve been doing this for years, at different cemeteries,  and veteran memorial settings.   It is an honor!  I will be at Columbia Park next to the veterans memorial, and I’ll be playing my trumpet.


Blairsville PA, Trombone 4th grade

I am not a bugler. I am a volunteer at my church and will play TAPS at 3:00 p.m. 25 May on our carillon. The sound will cover roughly 1/4 mile each direction. This is a wonderful idea.

San Luis Obispo CA.  Probably on the roof of the downtown garage.

On my porch, using my CW G bugle (the best this tuba player can sound it on

Trinway, Ohio playing a B-flat Trumpet! I have played Taps for numerous Memorial Day parades in my marching band years from 2005-2010, but this will be extra special as it’s my family’s first year with our very own soldier in the Army! My brother, PVT David Schneider is a mechanic in the Army and enlisted in August of 2019!

Trumpet in my backyard

“SPC Nicholas Smith

Trumpet, US Army 10th Mountain Division Band

Fort Drum, NY”

“I am going to pull my Father’s horn out of the closet. He was my first teacher. He was in the Air Force Band, stationed in Austin TX, during the Korean War. I am a 4th generation brass wind player. I thank Steve and others for this wonderful and thoughtful idea.

Cary G. Alburn”

I direct Triumphant Trumpets at our annual  Easter Sunrise service, which was cancelled this year. We are excited to sound Taps from various points in Springfield, MO. My grandson will join me in my driveway!

I’ll be on my porch using a trumpet

“Mt. Hope Cemetery, Woodsboro, MD

I am a member of Buglers Across America and teach at TCU.  I have a doctorate in trumpet performance. Both of my dads were in the Marines.  My first dad died in Vietnam.

From my top Deck across the neighborhood of East MinnehahaMy Dad was a 1st Lieutenant flight instructor in the P51-D Mustang at Luke AFB during WWII. He was also a Trumpet Player, known as The Harry James of the SW Latrine. I am a professional player and will be playing my Dad’s 1954 Mt. Vernon Bach Strad standing on the dam of the lake in my neighborhood. I’m also going to contact another player in the community and see if he will stand on the dam at the other end of the lake and we’ll play echo taps.

US Army, 10th Mountain Division Band, Fort Drum NY.

B flat trumpet, Gaithersburg (Montgomery Village) Maryland

French Horn, on my front porch on Main Street.

Boise, Idaho

I’ll be blowing taps at 1099 Heights Blvd, Houston TX 77008 (Houston Heights WWII Memorial Monument).

They usually have a ceremony set up, but looks like not this year due to COVID. If I show up and somebody is already there, I’ll just relocate some where nearby.

I will play my cornet.

Thank you for your time and efforts.

All the best, Vic

I am a member of Buglers Across America and teach at TCU.  I have a doctorate in trumpet performance. Both of my dads were in the Marines.  My first dad died in Vietnam.

I am a daughter of a veteran and a wife of a veteran.  I am a music teacher at Mohave Accelerated Learning Center in Bullhead City, Arizona.

I will be playing from my backyard on a vintage official government issue bugle in G. I chose my backyard because it faces down the hill with the local hospital 300 yds away at the bottom of the hill.

You do not need to send me a patch. I do not collect patches. But thank you for the generous offer. I just listed my address for the database.

Front yard. As best as I can play.

This is a fantastic idea and a great way to pay hommage to those who have sacrificed everything for our country. I will be honored to perform using my trumpet from my front porch.  Thank you for this opportunity.

It is an honor to be a part of this tribute! Thank you! I will be playing my french horn.

My mother-in-law’s front porch in Warren, PA

I will be at the end of my driveway, playing taps on my trumpet. 🙂

I will be at the front of our property on Rt. 322 in Glassboro.  I will be playing my Bach Bb “Anniversary Model 37” on my Peter Pickett 1.5 C mouthpiece (the AW #5 and it is a copy of a Mt. Vernon Bach 1.5 C).  I am Professor of Trumpet and Head of Brass at Rowan University.  My colleague is George Rabbai (former trumpet soloist for Woody Herman) who recorded all the calls for the museum at Gettysburg.

I’m at my parents house in Michigan and plan to play taps off the dock.

I’m going to play it from my porch on my horn donated to me by my grandfather who served in the army.

Blairsville, PA and playing his baritone (6th grader)

Titusville, NJ

Hello! I’m a trumpet player and bandleader in Brooklyn NY! I am Lady Gaga’s bandleader for a number of years and was in Las Vegas with my own residency and leading her orchestra before all its happened. I’d be honored to play taps this Memorial Day and if there’s anything else I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask. Anything I can do for our fallen heroes & veterans.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to the Monday!

Best regards,

Brian Newman

At the end of my Driveway 3pm

I am a Ambassador Girl Scout and will be wearing my uniform and I will be in my front yard playing trumpet

Playing the trumpet. It is my father in law’s old cornet from his youth. His name was SGM Hartman Beynon.  He passed away in November of 2019. He was the Sergeant Major of The United States Army Band and played Taps many many times at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

Matthew is 8 and will be playing his trumpet Monday at 3.  Email and phone numbers are his moms information

I will be playing in Centerville Va on Trumpet

I will be playing in my backyard on my trumpet

playing trumpet along with my daughter on flute. Echo taps

I will play Taps on my trumpet from my deck at 3pm on Monday

I will be at the local cemetery.

I’ve played Taps with various different organizations throughout my life: high school band, college band, the American Legion Band of Greater Kansas City, and recently with my son’s Boy Scout troop.  Whenever I’m involved with a ceremony where Taps is a part, I have always made sure it is played live and not played via a recording.  It may not be as “perfect”, but it is always from the heart.

Dont have a bugle but I’m a mobile dj and will be playing the TAPS mp3 on my DJ rig in my driveway

Playing echo taps with my dad.

Playing echo taps with my son, a graduating senior who has played taps several times.


Home in little river, on my porch, trumpet

I’m a retired military trumpet player, and a colleague and I have coordinated the playing of TAPS every hour, on the hour, at the local cemetery that normally hosts the Memorial Day Remembrance Ceremony for our community.

There are a few of us who will be playing beginning at 8AM and the last sounding of TAPS at 5PM.

I’m an Active Duty USAF Bandsman stationed at Ramstein AB. I am happy to participate in this important event.

Playing trumpet in Killeen, TX, neighboring Ft. Hood Army Base

I have been playing Taps at the minute the sun sets (locally in Alexandria) every day for the last seven weeks now.  Just like the instructions in TAA, I walk out to the end of my driveway, point down the street toward the setting sun and the “center” of our neighborhood, and let it sound. 

The neighbors take great comfort in it.  I am a retired career Navy musician (played Taps at Nixon’s funeral).

Will be at home playing the trumpet

I play in honor and memory of my Father Douglas Eugene Robinson, Uncles Ernest, Joseph and Robert Robinson who all served our country in the Army.

I will be playing the bell kit/glockenspiel.

Haven’t decided either back porch by my flag or across the street in the American Legion parking lot.

Our Honor Guard has designed and ordered special challenge coins.  Send me your address and I will send one to you. 

I will be going to Memorial Park Cemetery  and sound Taps at my Father In Law’s grave.  He spent 14 months of WWII isolated at a weather station on Baffin Islands living with the Eskimos. His reports were critical to the war in Europe and transport of troops and equipment across the Atlantic.

Isabel will be playing Taps on the flute in her driveway.

On my front lawn playing trumpet

I am going to be in my backyard, playing it on my Bb trumpet.

I am a band director.  I have informed all of my students about this event and provided them music for taps in Bb concert. 

I’ll play piccolo, hopefully my two sons will play trombone.  We’ll be in front of our house.

I’ll be playing my Getzen American Heritage Elite Bugle while my daughter plays on a Singerland Bugle. We will do Taps in the echo format.

I’am a BAA bugler for Anniston AL area. I will be on my front lawn in Weaver AL

I was in the army band for 8 years and have played in a community band for about 18 years. Go to YouTube and search Jennifer Fitzgerald Taps for my story. There’s also a newspaper article.

James will be going into his Freshman year in High School come September.  He will be playing the trumpet.

Will be playing Taps at Pine Hall Cemetery.

Retired, Viet Nam Era Veteran, BUGLER for US Army Forces Command Band, 101st Airborne Division Band, American Legion Man O’ War Post 8 Honor Guard.

I’m going to be playing this on my trumpet.

Spc Russell Files served his country in the 392nd US Army Band stationed out of Fort Lee, VA from 1998-2001 as a trumpeter.  Being a band trumpeter, Spc Files served his country frequently by performing TAPS at veteran funeral services across Virginia.

I will be playing at my high school, Buchanan High School, in Clovis Ca. Our stadium is called Veterans Memorial stadium because of the eight students Buchanan has lost to war since 2001. I will play in front of the armed forces flags.

I am a Life scout and the bugler for my Boy Scout Troop.  I am also a Cadet in the US Naval Sea Cadet Corps.  I plan to use my BSA bugle to play TAPS at the cemetery where my grandfathers are buried.  They both served in the military in WWII.  My Grandfathers served in the Navy and in the Army Air Corps.

I play trumpet and i will be playing outside my house

I’ll be doing it on my trombone since I currently do not have my trumpet, I hope it still counts!

Our son will be playing in TAPS in honor of ALL soldiers who’ve  sacrificed their lives, but especially his uncle Joshua James Rimer who was KIA 7/22/2009.

I’ll be playing Taps on my front lawn on clarinet.


Front porch. Bach Strad 37 Bb trpt.

I am 14 years old and a Star Scout in Troop 106, Goodison, Michigan. I have participated in many Wreaths Across America ceremonies since joining BSA as a cub scout. My grandparents are buried at the Holly National Cemetery. My grandfather served in World War 2 and the Korean War. Since I cannot visit the cemetery, this will be my tribute to him. God bless all of our veterans this Memorial Day. I am a trombone player, but I’m preparing to play taps on the bugle.

Trumpet. Front lawn

Newark, Ohio in honor of my Grandfather (USMC vet), and my PaPa (USAF vet)! I am a flautist!

I’m 13 years old in the 8th grade.  I will be playing taps on my trumpet in my front yard on Monday.

I have a g bugle but I will be playing on a trumpet. I will be playing it off the balcony from my beach house

I’m a 4th-grade trumpet player from Corl Street Elementary School in State College, PA. I’ll be playing my dad’s trumpet.

I’ll be in Gardner Mass. I will be playing the trumpet in my front yard

I plan on performing Taps on my Bb trumpet at the flagpole outside the McKees Point Marina where I dock my boat.  I hope there will be many boaters socially distancing on their own boats in the marina to help me pay tribute to those who have paid the ultimate price in service to our country.

13-year-old Girl Scout will be playing the trumpet.

At home, in my front yard.

Thanks for organizing this.  So awesome!!!

Todd Hoff

aka BachLoyalist

I will be recording in my house because I will not be home at the time of the ceremony but I would still like to participate.

I will be playing Taps on my digital pipe organ on a solo trumpet stop. I intended to share it n my Facebook and YouTube pages.

Trumpet and home on my front lawn

I will play taps from the balcony of my home.

I play the trumpet.

I intend to play taps with my daughter Marlene (12) and my son Dimitri (15).  Marlene does play trumpet with the school band, and while Dimitri plays drums and French horn, I believe I can help him get his chops working on one of my spare trumpets.  We are likely to perform taps from our back patio, overlooking the beauty of our natural surroundings.

I’ll be performing this from my front porch at 3pm MDT.

I will be sounding from Little Elm, TX from my front lawn and using one of my bugles.

I’ll be playing on my front porch with my tenor sax.

playing at my house in Argyle, TX. I’m a proud son, nephew, and grandson of military veterans.

I’m a professional trumpet player in the dfw metroplex.

I will be either performing TAPS on my flute or a trumpet while my son performs on his bassoon at Bayview Cemetery here in Bellingham.

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mark Lambert

Retired – Area Commander U.S. Department of Homeland Security

US Navy Viet Nam Vet

Active Duty US Coast Guard Auxiliary-Hamilton County INM

Performed on my deck on my lake. Bugle.

I’m a band director and this year our annual Memorial Day parade has been canceled. This is a great way for my students and I to honor our veterans. Thank you for sponsoring it.

I haven’t played in 19 years. I’ll give it a shot.

Hanover City Cemetary

10981 4th St NE, Hanover, MN 55341

Proud to support our veterans.

I will be on my front porch facing our flag and playing a French horn.

I’ll sound Taps from my front yard on the bugle. I used to be Boy Scout Troop Bugler (Troop 62, Goshen, NY) and am happy to sound Taps again for those who died serving our great country!

I will be in Northern Maine and will play either Piccolo or trumpet.

Thank you for doing this….it is wonderful…

Myself and my Dad


BSA Troop 442

Union, MO

In honor of Vernon George Bud Mundwiller

I will be playing my trumpet and I’ll sound Taps in my backyard!

I will be playing from my back yard in town on my horn

I am the Judge Advocate of VFW Post 7234 Ocean View, DE. I will sound Taps at my home (22ft flag pole ) in my driveway on behalf of our Post members and our community.

Morelli, father/son playing TAPS

Is it possible to have two badges sent? 

One for son and one for Dad?

My husband and I will play Echo Taps in our front yard.  I play trumpet and he plays trombone.  We play this at almost every patriotic event in Aiken, SC.

I am going to play in the town of LaCygne, KS at the end of my driveway on my B flat trumpet

I am a middle school band director in Texas.

I will be out in my driveway or in my back yard performing Taps on Trumpet.

11 family members served in WWII  including both parents

playing on the bass trombone!

Performing the echo on Taps with my Dad,

an octave lower, on Baritone.

Electric guitar outside my home

Yukon Veteran’s Memorial

At my front door with my trumpet

I will be in Holtville, CA

I usually play at our local American Legion City Hall Memorial Day Ceremony. This year I will be playing on my porch out. I do not have neighbors because I live in the country and my house is surrounded by fields, but I will be recording and honoring our heroes. I play the trumpet. I sent an email on the volunteer link before finding this sign up form, so you might have two inquiries from me, sorry. Thank you in advance. Abby

trying to get the rest of my section to play it as well

I am President of The Ringgold Band of Reading, PA

I will be playing at my home and using my Grandfather’s (now mine) 100+ year old bugle.  He was an Bugler who served in the US Army during the early 1900’s.

 Great idea Jari!  Glad to participate and pay my respects.

I’ll be in my yard on trumpet

In memory of Carroll “Buck” Byrd,  trumpeter/bugler, 282nd Army Band, Ft. Jackson SC.

Cedar Grove Cemetery, Washington NC soprano sc

I will be performing on my trumpet on the corner of Yucca Loma Rd and Havasu Rd in Apple Valley, CA at 3:00 pm local time (PST)

performing taps on the trombone.


I will play the bugle at a local cemetery or in my front yard.

I will be standing on my back porch, playing trumpet. I am to shy to play in front of my neighbors.

Thank you

Aaron will be playing in our neighborhood in Arden, NC.  He is a High School Senior, graduating and in the fall will be attending the Herberger School of Music, Arts and Design at Arizona State University to major in trumpet performance.

I’ll be in my front yard playing trumpet

I am going to be on my front lawn. I will be playing the Alto Saxophone, as all of my school band will be doing.

playing my trumpet from my driveway in Apex, NC

Bugle. I’ll be in my backyard wearing my Tap For Veterans pin. I am on quarantine for Covid. I am feeling much better.

My daughter and I will be playing.

B flat trumpet and on my driveway

I will either play on the bugle my dad played in the Korean War in 1951, or on my C trumpet. I’m going to see if the cemetery near our house is open and play there. If it’s not, then I’ll play from the parking lot at our neighborhood clubhouse.

I will be playing my trumpet from the top of the Deep Creek mountain in Maryland.  I am finishing 8th grade at St. Mark School and looking forward to marching for Oakton High School in the fall.  I am playing in honor of my grandfather who is a 25 year veteran of the US Army.

I do not have a Bugle or a trumpet but I will be playing the nearly 100-year-old family baritone that has been passed down for three generations.

I will play

My Mom is a middle school and high school band director.  We will be playing together.

I am a Boy Scout in Troop 1 Abington with the rank of Tenderfoot. I am currently serving as their Bugler. I will be standing out front in my scout uniform along with my mother, our scoutmaster, and my brother, a Life Scout.  I will play taps on my trumpet.

I am a middle school and high school band director.  My 16 year old daughter and I will be playing.

Trumpet, on my parents front porch

Fells Point MD. Front door open.    Trumpet

I’m going to play my trumpet in my yard.  I played Taps for the Memorial Day ceremony for the Rockingham county with another bugler last year, so I would like to do it again even though we are spread farther apart than a few feet.

I will be sounding taps on my Boy Scout Bugle I bought in 1968 for my neighborhood.

Would anyone mind if I play it on my tuba? That’s the instrument I played in my first Memorial Day parade 60 years ago.

I will be playing French horn. I am a band director and will be encouraging all of my students to play at their homes as well.

I have played Taps for over 20 years at Memorial Day ceremonies and military graveside services.  I am planning to play Taps on Memorial Day from the Paoli Battlefield Memorial Grounds in my hometown of Malvern, Pennsylvania.

I’ll hopefully be playing trumpet but if I can’t get my trumpet chops up in time, I’ll be playing it on euphonium.

I am a Korean War Veteran and have played Taps for all veteran’s events for 33 years.

Playing my trumpet

I will be on my back porch in my apartment complex in Valdosta, Georgia. There are a nice handful of military people who live in my complex because of the nearby Moody Air Force Base. I hope to move them and commemorate my family and all those who have served for our country. I will perform on a C trumpet.

I have played taps for Memorial Day since I was in high school and all through college and in my chosen career as a band director.  This year, the band doesn’t get to play, but we still are doing a small memorial service at the cemetery at noon. I will play then as well as at 3 and hope to get my son to join me for echo taps as well.

I will be playing taps on my grandfather’s Conn 40B trumpet. He was a WWII veteran who was wounded in the Battle of the Bulge. I think about him every time I play.

I’m going to stand in our small town of Laurelville Ohio

I will be performing from the Outer Banks in North Carolina on the Euphonium. I am a band director and am asking that my students all also consider performing taps at 3pm on Memorial day as well so that we can all honor our veterans lost together.

I’m going to be at my house, playing the trumpet.

Considering playing on an original Rexcraft regulation bugle.

I will be on my front lawn playing my trumpet.

Thank you

I believe I’ll be in my driveway playing my cornet 🙂

Playing the Trombone.

As a Boy Scout troop bugler many years ago to volunteering for military ceremonies throughout my life, sounding of Taps has always been an honor. It’s my way of giving back some respect I feel I owe to those who have served us.

Terre Haute, Indiana on trumpet

I will be playing the trumpet outside in my driveway.

I will be at the local cemetery up the road from me (which is located in a small neighborhood.) I will be performing on bagpipes in full highland apparel.

Either in my driveway or park behind my house.

Yes.  That would be fine occasionally.

I sound Taps with a Kanstul G bugle

I will sound taps on the ULM Trumpet Studio Talons for Taps bugle. Used at over 50 ceremonies honoring our fallen and passed service members.

I will be playing with my Trumpet, at an empty church or cemetery.

My brother and I have been sounding “Echo Taps” for more than 10 years together at various ceremonies and events. This is the first year we won’t be able to do so. We are planning on playing at the Post Cemetary at Fort Ontario in Oswego NY where my brother works, and we will be filming and sharing on the fort social media pages. Hopefulyy Oswego, our home and home to many veterans, will hear our sound and take a moment from the chaos to appreciate and remember. Thank you for putting this together!

Play from dock that is in our backyard on our neighborhood lake on trumpet.

I’m a band director and always encourage my students to play taps.


He will be playing with his trumpet.

My grandfather who is a vet passed away in January. It was to cold for my son to play and his lips were blistered for to our drive from Louisiana to Nebraska for the services. He will dedicate this performance to  Cpl Anzel Mroczek

I have been playing for over 40 years. Sound taps at many veterans services at local cemeteries.

I will be sounding Taps at the grave of Mahlon Fink who died on February 27, 2019.  He fought as a US Marine at the Battle of Iwo Jima.  He was a Purple Heart recipient and witnessed the raising of the flag on Mount Suribachi.   I will be dressed in my Principal Musician’s uniform representing a field musician of the Civil War playing a reproduction bugle.

I will be playing my trumpet at the end of my driveway since I am the corner house I. The middle of my neighborhood.

Listening to taps music

I will play taps on the trumpet from my driveway at my home in Rib Lake, Wisconsin.

I am a trumpet student. My father is a Navy Veteran and my trumpet teacher is an Air Force Veteran. I’ll be proudly playing in my yard making them proud.

Tuba player

I play trumpet, father and 3 brothers served armed forces

Home. Trumpet. I am a Band Director

I’ll play trumpet in my backyard for my neighbors.

Trumpet in Overland Park, KS Hawthorne Apartments

I will be performing Taps at our local cemetery in the section dedicated to our veterans.

I am playing trumpet for this.

We are married and we both are both trumpet players and music teachers and we will be doing this together. We will probably perform an echo Taps.

I’m a clarinet player in real life, but I also teach middle school band, so I’ll be brushing up my trumpet playing this weekend in preparation!

My name is Charles Noyd and I’m playing taps in our town square on Monday with my sons Isaac Noyd (age 17) and Alex (age 14) and my son’s friend Brett Williams (age 14).  These young men have taken my place of playing live taps at graveside services for our local American Legion.  I was wondering if they could get patches as well.

I was a bugler for VFW Post 3074 in Lexington, NC for many years. Playing Taps was and is the most humbling tribute that I can offer to the veteran and their family in those final moments. God bless our vets and the USA.

I am a middle school band director and have had the privilege of playing TAPS since I was in 7th grade and was able to do it justice.  My father is a Vietnam Veteran (Air Force) and has been the Chaplain for his local chapters of the VFW and American Legion for as long as I can remember.  I have had the honor of playing TAPS at many funerals of fallen comrades over the years when they passed.  Thank you for putting this together.  It is one of the most important things I will ever do as a trumpet player.

Riverwoods Village Hall or Brushwood at Ryerson Woods Forest Preserve

on an old Benge Bb trumpet

I’m an army veteran–euphonium and trombone player with the 298th Army Band of the Berlin Brigade, 1989 — 1991. I’m also a military music historian:

and count Jari Villanueva as a good friend and colleague.

I’ll be playing taps on a French mid-twentieth century Couesnon bugle.

I served 20 yrs. in the Army Band and have performed Taps over 700 times. I love my country & all those who served. It’s the least I can do for those who paid the ultimate price for our freedom. ~iii<()

I am the drum major at my highschool band and took the liberty of getting a few members of my band and performing an arrangement of taps for some Veteran Memorial Sites in my area.

We have gotten permission by the Memorial Sites and will be sure to practice social distancing!

I’m a trumpet performance major. I’m glad I have the opportunity to play trumpet for you all!

Eli is 17 and will be playing on His trumpet.

I will be in my home town playing on my trumpet.

I will be live streaming and playing taps every hour on the hour from 8am -8pm across NYS

Expect to be in my driveway, although I might switch to Ox Hill Battlefield Park in Fairfax it conditions permit.

Will be playing my trumpet out on the driveway for all to hear. PS I was a band director and played taps for 28 years!

This is a beautiful idea.  Thank you for all of the work that you are doing. I will play for all who sacrifice, including my father-in-law, Arnold F. Dahlke, who passed February 17 at age 94.  As a 19-year old G.I. he was awarded the Purple Heart after his troopship, The “S.S. Leopoldville” was torpedoed an sunk by a German U-boat as it crossed the English Channel on Christmas Eve, 1944. The “Leopoldville” was carrying over 2,000 American troops, headed for the Battle of the Bulge on the Western Front.  763 died in the icy waters – Arnold survived, and this shaped his life. However, the tragedy was unknown to families. Military officials shrouded the disaster in official secrecy, and it was largely forgotten by historians. The survivors weren’t allowed to discuss what happened.  So, Arnold never mentioned the tragedy, even to his family, until he was in his 60’s, when “A Night Before Christmas” was published in 1993.  We all miss this quiet, good, and patriotic man.

Yamaha Bb Cornet

I’ll be playing a Silver Anniversary antique Tuba at Crystal Reservoir in Curt Gowdy State Park

Sounding Taps at my home.  Please do not send a patch.

I will be sounding on a Getzen bugle in my backyard.

I will stand in my driveway at 3pm on Monday and play taps on my trumpet. I’ve played taps for many vet internments.

I am a band director and clarinet player, but I will do my best and sound off on my trumpet.

I am 13 years old and a Boy Scout (2nd class) rank and Play the french horn and want to play taps for this event.  I am in jr high band and Honor band for my local school.  yes I would like a patch sent to me.  Thank you for this special honor.

The City of Collinsville, OK will be hosting a Facebook Live event at our Veterans Community Center  remembering those who have died in military service to the United States.  Commanders of the American Legion Post #2 and VFW Post #3077 will place a wreath and Taps will be played.

I am the marching band director at Roselle Park High School. I’m trying to get my band members to participate all across town. We’re a 1 mile square town so it should be heard all over.

Will probably play on both my French Horn and coronet.

Will play at my residence either a cornet or trumpet.

I’ll be playing on my backyard porch. This will be my fourth year of playing Taps for a “Memorial Day” type service. I’ve been playing on a Benge Leonore 90 Bb Trumpet for just a little longer than I’ve been playing Taps for services. If I had my Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band uniform to put on for when I sound Taps, I would do it in a heartbeat.

I will be playing my trumpet from my porch.

This Year I will be Playing Taps on my Trumpet at Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community. I don’t announce where I’ll be to the residents. I just go to the highest hill and play behind something and play. It’s not about me. It’s all about who gave the biggest sacrifice for our nation. It’s a tradition I’ve done since retiring from the Army Band in 1996.

Trumpet on Mehl Lake. I play it every year on the lake in memory of my father, who served in World War 2 and also for my brother who served in Vietnam. Usually I play it at sundown. This year I will play at 3 PM.

In honor of Mr. Elmer Hayes

VFW 4667, member of the HonorGuard/Funeral Detail.

Playing Tuba.

I’m almost 15 yrs old and I’ll be playing it in my neighborhood cul de sac, wearing my Eagle Scout uniform!

Ridley Park, playing Cornet

Trumpet not sure exactly where yet

I’ll be playing trumpet in Lower lake Ca.  I was in one of the Navy Bands from 1966 to 1970.  Unit Band 107

Under the Commodore Barry Bridge, Chester, PA

Retired Band Director

I will be playing trumpet in my backyard. I am a 30 year veteran of the US Coast Guard Band. I am honored to be part of this tribute to our veterans, especially in these times.

I will be playing it on Flute and face timing with my Aunt and Grandpa who both have served in the army.

Im going to be in my front yard playing taps for my brother and sister. On my trumpet.

I will be playing in my front yard on the trumpet.

I will be playing from the front of my school, Thomas Harrison Middle School, outside the band room.

I’ll play my trumpet on my front lawn

I will be playing Taps on my trumpet in my front yard, near the American flag.

Former Lead solo soprano bugle for Marine Drum and Bugle Corps (The Commandant’s Own) at 8th & I Barracks in Washington, D.C. That’s the Marine Corps for those in the Air Force or Army. I was active duty from Sep ’77 to May ’85 and I have played taps many, many times to include Arlington Cemetery. I have continuously played my Bach Strad b-flat trumpet and in addition to playing in 3 bands I play taps in the local area for various organizations and funerals. It will be my honor to play taps on Memorial Day!

I will be playing with my son from our home in Brunswick NY

I play the trumpet

Isaac plays “Taps” on the piano.

As of now at my home address, but with other possibilities. My instrument is BARITONE horn

Trumpet, indoor/outdoor

I believe I will be sounding Taps off the end of our dock, weather permitting. Otherwise, off the front porch.

As a member of the 1st Brigade Band, I will be in my 1860’s military band uniform, playing an authentic over-the-shoulder civil war Eb cornet from 160 years ago. The location will be the civil war memorial in Watertown WI.

I will be playing my trumpet. I would like to play at our local city bandshell or possibly at the national guard museum in our town.

I will be playing clarinet. I will be either in the front yard or driveway.

BSA Troop 32 Adult

I have been playing Taps most evenings, here in my neighborhood.

I will be playing Taps on my trumpet at the Nebo Memorial Park, a cemetery close to my house.

I am signing up for patch even though I got one last year…that is because I will be leaving my current patch at the grave of my friend and bugling mentor who passed away from Covid-19.

Member of Bugles Across America

At home, trumpet

My son and I will be playing at:

Greendale Cemetery

886 Nowlin Ave, Greendale, IN 47025

He will be playing Accordion and I will be playing Trumpet.

I will be playing on trombone in my apartment complex.

Member of the 122nd Army National Guard Band in Ohio, and a band director. I’m glad to participate in any way I can!

I will be in my Boy Scout uniform in the park in my neighborhood playing on my bugle.

My Grandson and I will play Taps on our Trombones. I have been playing for a very long time and he is a first year student

Playing a 1965 Getzen single valve G bugle

Custom 2 valve Kanstul Bugle in G

Sheridan Municipal Cemetery

I will be playing a trumpet in my backyard.  I played for a flag retiring ceremony and I played for a lesson at school.  I’m in 6th grade.

I’m going to play taps on the flute

I will be paying my trumpet.

I will probably be in my driveway, playing my trumpet.

Front porch. Trumpet

Will be playing taps on either a French Horn or a pocket French Horn

Keene, NH

Monadnock View Cemetery

Either Horn or Trumpet, on my porch, playing to the mountains.

my son and neice will do a bsa flag ceremony in class a’s followed by me play taps on my cornet. we are zooming with our troop and possibly pack so they can share in the ceremony honoring our veterans. we are located in park forest, il

I will sound TAPS on trumpet at my home in BSA uniform.

I will be in Remembrance in my driveway.

My instrument will be a DEG Dynasty II Soprano Bugle.

Trumpet, in my yard

Retired. Sportsman.Trumpet Player.

I will be playing Taps on a trumpet at the Veterans Memorial on the grounds of the Henry County Courthouse and Sheriff’s office in Napoleon, OH. Both buildings are listed as National Historic Buildings.  All live programs have been canceled. The Napoleon Community Band usually does two concerts on Memorial Day plus Taps.

I will be playing at the cemetery in Belle Plaine KS

Will play at our local cemetery or downtown.

In front of driveway of the house. Play trumpet.

Will render Taps at home on a trumpet.

SFC RET Bugler/DrumMajor/Assist Conductor

35 Inf Div Band/ KSARNG

Performing at my residence in Civil  War Cavalry Uniform

Kanstul Bugle pitched in G

I am 11 years old and have been playing trumpet and then bugle for the last four years.  I am also the bugler for my boy scout troop (Troop 500).  This is my first year playing taps for Memorial Day.  I live in Sonora California.

I will be playing the bassoon in the front yard.

I will be playing the trumpet in my front yard by our flagpole.

Home playing trumpet

Trumpet, outside by Lake Michigan. Will feature on Pee-Wee Music Studio Facebook page

Former USN trumpet player.

I will perforrm on the shores of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee WI

I will think of an appropriate place. Perhaps a cemetery, or the fall back is my front lawn.

Milford DE

Will play at local memorial for fallen soldiers

Cumberland County Veterans Cemetery Hopewell NJ

I am a Cub Scout (Webelos Scout) with Pack 64.  I will be playing my trumpet in my front yard.  This is my first year playing trumpet and I am really excited that my mom was able to find me a version of Taps that I was able to play!

Veterans Memorial at city hall. Getzen Field Trumpet

Yes. I am also a member of bugles across america.will be playing taps in rumbarger cemetery in Dubois, Pennsylvania using a trumpet

I will be playing clarinet from my home in McFarland, Wisconsin. Members of my New Horizon’s Band will also be participating.

I will be playing a trumpet from my front lawn most likely.

My balcony,trumpet

I am a former member of the USAF Ceremonial Band. I have played Taps for several hundred military and civilian funerals.

sounding Taps from my house on my trumpet. played trumpet for over 20 years now and never sounded Taps publicly. Now seems a good of a time to start.

Thank you for the opportunity to remember our Servicemen and Women. Ive play somewhere between 100 and 200 taps for funerals over the years. I started when I was 14 and am 56 now.

played for two uncles and countless personal friends.

Either off my back deck or in my neighborhood common area.  Either way I will blanket the neighborhood.  I’ll be using my trumpet.

On a lake near Deerwood, Minnesota

I will be playing a Monette C that I boroughed  from Andy Balio.

Florida National Cemetery.

Vancouver,  WA

Soprano trombone

It will be an honor to honor all those mentioned with my trumpet.

Trumpet, comet, flugelhorn

Working frontline will do at work flagpole

I will be playing Taps on my Bb trumpet. I plan to play from our front porch.

My father was a World War 2 Navy veteran who survived Pearl Harbor.  Some years after he moved back home and joined the local American Legion, he played “Taps” every Memorial Day until about the 1980’s in Montello, Wisconsin.  As a retired band director, I’m going to play “Taps” at 3 pm on Memorial Day in my father’s honor and for all Veterans on trumpet.  Sam Robinson, Waunakee, Wisconsin

I will sound TAPS on my Flugelhorn at 3:00 PM on Memorial Day in the courtyard of Seacoast Condominiums in New Smyrna Beach Florida.

I will be playing taps on my Trumpet. I don’t have a bugle. I am 13 years old, I will be on my front lawn playing. I live in Waterloo New York The Birth place of Memorial day. I also Went to New York City with The Waterloo High school band to march in the Veteran’s Day Parade this past November. I didn’t play that time, I carried the sword in honors guard. Under my Directors Dan Hacker and Vivian Becker.

I’m a Boy Scout with Troop 11 (Life Scout). I will be playing the trumpet either at my house or at the Veterans Memorial Cemetary.

I am an Eagle Scout and was the bugler before I aged out.9

Veterans Memorial Cemetery, Syracuse NY

A quiet act of civil disobedience in honor of the fallen.

Posted by Teton & District Performing Arts on Friday, May 15, 2020

Jacksonville, AL (Bach 37)

I will be playing my trumpet (maybe my cornet) from my home.

USN Bandsman Vet, and US Air Force National Guard Band of the Northeast current.



I am the staff bugler at the National Museum of the Pacific War

Will be on Aberdeen Proving Ground with either a 1960 US Regulation Bugle or a 1898 Infantry Bugle

Veterans Park

Jeffersontown, KY

Lowes Parking Lot ST RT 70

Bradenton Fl

Will be returning from a Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War observance in Fort Worth. 

Might need to pull of the Interstate and play on the side of the road.  Hope to be back home near Abilene.  I play a Kanstul bugle.

Retired 229 Army Band/Trumpet. I will be performing Taps in my driveway on May 25.

I will play from my front porch toward my neighbor, who is a veteran.  I’ll be playing the regulation bugle that I’ve used for Taps at over 100 services since joining Bugles Across America in 2004.  Honored to be part of this event!

At my home with my trumpet. My sister was a member of a ceremonial honor guard in the Massachusetts air national guard, so I am familiar with the significance of TAPS.

I will be sounding Taps from my front yard with my Getzen bugle, wearing my VFW/American Legion Honor Guard uniform.

I am a volunteer with the Memorial Services Detachment at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetary where I serve as a live Bugler rendering Taps at burial services of veterans and the spouses of veterans. My instrument is a Bb bugle  As part of this event I will present Taps outside the front door of my home.

I’m a volunteer for the Boy Scouts in Suffolk county I will share your information and thank you

I will be sounding it on my grandfathers cornet either in a local park or field, or if needed in a last resort case, my apartment. My father and mother are Marine Corps vets and more extended members of my family are in other branches. I heard about this for the first time this year and hope to do it every year from now on and to put my name in for Buglers of America to do this for military families in the area.

I will be performing the 4-part arrangement that Jari Villanueva wrote for the 50th Anniversary of Taps at the funeral for President Kennedy with three other soldiers. SSGDouglas Abercrombie, SSG Richard Bordeman, and SGT Shane Nelson. All four of us are soldiers in the 208th Army Band, from Concord, NC.

I’m hoping to play at the New Civil War monument in Bellevue, Ne.

Michigan Memorial Park Cemetery is where I’ll be playing. I’m playing alongside of helping place 8,000 flags with Downriver For Veterans

I will be in my front yard.

Waveland veterans Memorial

I intend to play trumpet near the Doughboy Monument at Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Fort Worth.

Union Chapel Cemetery, Texico Illinois.   Conn field trumpet from Great Lakes Naval Training Station.  c.1917

I’m a tubist playing on a Yamaha 6310z. I’ll be at Zachary Taylor National Cemetery in Louisville.

I plan to play from my front porch.

Thanks for doing this from TAPPS In NV!

I will play on trumpet, french horn and trombone on my front porch.

I will be playing taps on my trumpet across Sanford lake from my front Porch.

Thank you for organizing this!  My neighbors have enjoyed hearing me play America and TAPS at 7 p.m. on several evenings here in Warren, OR

Back deck overlooking a golf course or front step

Trumpet to be sounded by our memorial monument in the Elk Point cemetary

Old retired band director, tuba player, playing off my front porch on a Bach trumpet.

I will be in the Hunter Road Bible Church lot. Playing on a U.S. Regulation Bugle.

From my backyard with my bugle.

Taps on the OC Boardwalk for Moment of Silence as I have done for the past 15 years.

Location will be Veterans Memorial Park, 11th Ave.

I may perform at a local monument for veterans. If visiting USCG son, I will play in Virginia. I will be performing my Bb trumpet or a 19th century Eb cornet

Playing on our front porch, either tuba or over the shoulder sax horn ( in civil war uniform)

Playing on our front porch, either euphonium or baritone.

Will play at my home in San Antonio, TX

I will be in my driveway, playing my bugle in my Boy Scout uniform.

I will be playing at Roselawn Cemetery in Denton TX and follow it at Jackson Cemetery in Krum


Will be sounding taps from my back patio towards my neighborhood.

I will be at our Veterans Memorial Garden in Martinsville, Indiana.

I will be playing a Getzen G flat Bugle at Soldiers Field Memorial Park, Rochester, Minnesota

I will be using my Bb trumpet.

I will be playing Taps on the beach at Jekyll Island, GA

I’m going to be playing at the

Payne County Veterans Memorial “Freedom’s Flame”

I will be in my yard at my house, and I’ll be playing on a bugle.

On my porch with a US regulation bugle

Chapel Lawn Cemetery in Schererville Indiana

I will be playing Taps on my roof In downtown Manhattan with the WTC behind me on my Kanstul regulation G Bugle.

I will be playing at any open park or resting place for fellow veterans. I play trumpet and cornet. For Memorial Day, I will be playing my cornet in Bb.

I have been a member of BAA for 18 yrs. in Colo. I have recently moved to Gates NY. and I will sound taps from my patio. I will be using a standard bugle. I attended Field Music School in 1953 at U.S.M.C. RD Parris Island SC

Former member  3rd Army Band/ 4th Division Band

Current member Northwinds Symphonic Band/ Piedmont College Band

American Legion/Vietnam Veterans of America

I will be in Gainesville, Ga. to play Taps [trumpet]

I will use my 100 nights of taps Kanstul Bugle. I will should the call from my front lawn

We have a lot of Veterans that live on our street, I’ll be in my front yard with my trumpet.

I will be playing at the cemetery of St. John’s Lutheran Church, a rural church in Sinking Valley, PA. The church was founded in 1803 and veterans as far back at the US Civil War are buried here. Other markers indicate service in the Spanish-American War, WWI, WWII, and Korea.

Lansing, MI

Del Quadro Custom Bugle

I’m a Sergeant in the Ohio Army National Guard, 122nd Army Band.

Playing in uniform while on duty as firefighter

I will either be performing in a GAR cemetery in Sulphur Springs, AR, or a private cemetery in Washington county, AR.  There are civil war Medal of Honor soldiers buried in both. Our local Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War camp has yet to decide which cemetery will be our focus this year.   I will be playing on a civil war infantry reproduction bugle in Bb using an original relic mouthpiece dug in a Federal cavalry camp in Eastern Tennessee.


Trumpet … Soldier’s Monument (Fountainhead Memorial Park)

Palm Bay, Florida … with the American Legion 117 – after placing US Fags on all Veterans grave-sites.

will be sounding TAPS in San Clemente or Crestline ,CA

Been playing trumpet since circa 1952.  Bugle with Bugles Across America for more than 20 years.  Trumpet in elementary school (obviously!), high school, Cornell’s Big Red Band.  US Army’s 4th Division band at Ft. Lewis WA and US Army HQ Europe’s 33rd Army Band Heidelberg Germany.  Still playing in Bishop’s city band, Eastern Sierra Chamber Orchestra, and sounding TAPS for veterans and first responders in the Owens Valley service area.

Memorial Day services here would usually be outdoors and involve VFW and other military presence, politician speaking, etc.  Fellow trumpeter Dan Daugherty (music instructor for Bishop schools) and high school student Ryan Forbis and I usually do a medley of anthems from the military branches as part of the ceremony, and finish with Echo TAPS.

Personally will be in Bishop and most likely at the office to sound TAPS.

Thanks for organizing this and growing the number of horns!!

Twentynine Palms CA, Trombone

I will be participating in an outdoor flag ceremony with a few Boy Scouts at a senior living center. The residents, including veterans, will be able to watch from the windows.

I’ll be in my yard outside Columbus, OH playing an old Boy Scout bugle.

I will be playing my Trumpet.

I am a member of Bugles Across America — averaged two funerals a week the last few years, but rites are on hold for the moment.  I have an antique bugle with a very nice tone.

I’m usually a tuba player but I don’t currently have my tuba, but I do have a trumpet. So I will be playing on trumpet

From the balcony of my condo unit hopefully, otherwise from the park across the street overlooking Sarasota Bay. I just moved into the building on March 4 and thought I should ask permission before sounding Taps from inside the 18 story building. So far I have received excited YES responses.

I will play my trumpet on our driveway to honor my grandfathers how were a purple heart in the Vietnam and Desert Storm War and all Honors that are not here today.

I will be playing Echo Taps with my grandfather, Richard Niven.

West of Atlanta GA

Front porch

G Bugle

As a Veterans Services Officer for three towns in my area, I will be sounding taps with my trumpet at their cemeteries: Pine Grove and Sacred Heart Cemeteries in West Brookfield; St. Paul’s and Pine Grove Cemeteries in Warren; and Brookfield Cemetery in Brookfield, MA.

I will be at the Veterans Memorial section of the Flagstaff, AZ citizen’s cemetery.

Clarksville, MD

i need to practice!

At home or at the local monument if it will be accessible using my G Mellophone I play with the Blue Eagles Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps.

I will be sounding Taps in Haines City and Celebration, FL.

Potter Memorial Park, Fairport NY

I am a firefighter and will be sounding from work as I do everyday that I work.

I will be playing my bugle. I play taps for Military Funerals.

Trumpet Milton Memorial park

I will be honoring my father and uncles from my front lawn in Westminster on my Baritone bugle

Thanks for organizing. Am supposed to be in Key West. First time in 10 years I’ll miss.

Will be playing Echo Taps at the memorial to a fallen hero at the park in our town.  We will be playing on bugles.

Will play Echo Taps on bugles at the memorial to a local fallen hero which is in a local park.

My 16 year old son will be playing at triangle park in Oneida NY.  He plays the trumpet.

I play the Trumpt, I will be playing a bugle. I am a former  Sargent US Army

I’ll be playing at the Veteran’s Memorial Park in Enfield, NH. I’ll play one of my bugles. Probably use the one that was a gift from a cousin. It is an Olds that was formerly used by the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle Corps in Washington, D.C.

I play the trumpet. I have had some practice by playing taps at camp.

I will be in my backyard playing my Yamaha Xeno in Bb playing for my neighbors

Trumpet. I’m a member of Bugles Across America. Member of Dix Hills Fire Department

Life Scout, Trumpet

Front yard on Bb trumpet. Key of G.

Topsy, Louisiana

Would like to sound Taps at Maple Grove Cemetary in honor of Capt. Leslie Palmer. I will be playing bugle

I’m a junior in high school, looking to go into trumpet performance. My great-grandfather was a WWII Navy veteran and D-Day survivor, my great-uncle was a Vietnam War Army veteran, and my father was a tubist in the Pershing’s Own Army Band. I’ll be performing taps in my driveway on my Bb Benge (I don’t own a bugle yet).

Downtown Ontario, Ca

I will be playing my trumpet off of my deck.  I have been playing Taps every night at 7:00 PM as well.

Army veteran trumpet player from 8th ID Band. 1979-82.

will be playing from Home with Musical Recorder Instrument

Trumpet Also, this is cool

Retired army master sergeant. I have been playing taps at veteran funerals for the past several years. I normally am committed on Memorial Day for honoring our veterans, but due to the Covid-19,  my status is in question.  I plan on playing taps on my front porch using my B flat trumpet.

I will be playing Trumpet

307th Army Band 1995-1999 02E2POKP

Soprano Trombone from my driveway

Thank you 🙂

On my porch at home playing my Euphonium

Taps will be sounded as it has been off of my house deck, and echoes across the lake development where we live. This has been a tradition for over 40 years.

I’m a middle school band & orchestra teacher.  I’ve shared this with all of my trumpet students as well.

I will be playing echo taps with my husband Jorge

I’ll be playing taps on a Bb trumpet at the Fountain Hill Veterans Monument.

I plan to be on driveway next my flag pole. I will be using a Bflat trumpet.

USN Veteran

I wont be going anywhere.  I play on the trumpet

El Dorado Hills Town Center.

Kanstal G Bugle.

I will be playing off my 2nd story back deck towards the lake.  Everyone in our small city will be able to hear me if they are outside listening. I will be playing trumpet.

My grandson, age 16, and I will be playing echo taps in our local city gazebo.

Was a E4 trumpet player in the 14th US Army band Ft. McClellan Al.

Corner of Greentree Rd and Arla Dr in Scott Township, PA

either my Holton MF1, or getzen field trumpet, or kanstul 3 valve g soprano

Will be sounding taps at Graceland Cemetery in Greenville SC

I have sounded TAPS on my own at a local cemetery on memorial day for many years. This is where my Dad ( A WW2 vet and prisoner of war)) My Mom and Grandparents  as well as my late wife is buried. I use an old Army bugle that was given to me by our friend Bill Seaman. I will do so at 3:00 pm on memorial day.

I will play my F.A.Reynolds, US stamped bell Silver WWll trumpet @ the Lana’i City Veterans Cemetery

I am a member of AMVETS (Riders),A merican Legion (Riders)and Patriot Guard,Hawai’i State Captain.I plan to increase the liveTaps here in Hawaii

I primarily play french horn but do play taps at various events.  Please let me know if you are in need of taps anywhere in Orange County, California.

Will be playing in center of town at our local memorial on trumpet..I have played taps at all military funeral in my town for the last 30 yrs

In Baltimore National Cemetery

I will add this to my Memorial Day schedule.

My Honor Guard intends to participate in the planned observance at the Beaches Veterans Memorial Park at 0900.

I will sound Taps at the H. Warren Smith Cemetery in Jacksonville Beach at 1500.

I be playing on a trumpet, at Waldens Creek UMC Cemetery.

Thanks for organizing this event!! I’m excited to be doing this. My only caution: in future promotional materials you may want to make a clearer distinction –  I would never want a recognition of Covid-19 losses to diminish that Memorial Day is for Veterans. When all is said and done, the official remembrance of Covid-19 deaths should happen on another day.

I’m a member of Bugles Across America. Again, thanks for what you do.

Playing on my trumpet from our driveway.  My Dad and Father-in-law were both veterans.

Aidan will be playing taps on his bugle, representing Boy Scout Troop 75 from Chelmsford MA.

I played Taps (trumpet) for my local VFW post in high school for funerals and still volunteer if they need me 15 years later. I play every year at sunset, but will gladly play at 3 p.m. this year.

I plan to use my Getzen Field Trumpet. I will sound Taps from beside my son’s grave, looking across the cemetery at other veterans graves in the Veterans Field of Honor 2 at Floral Haven in Broken Arrow, Ok

Will play from my deck. Trumpet. Retired Hs band director and have played taps at our local services for 28 years.

I will he playing my trumpet from my front lawn!

Wise- Robinson Cemetery. Ozark, Illinois. Trumpet.

I will be playing outside my home, if not at the Hudson, Maine Veterans’ Memorial which was dedicated this past Veterans’ Day.

I am a retired HS Band Director who was recently asked by the current band director to provide a video history of taps for her students as a teaching tool leading up to Memorial Day.  I concluded the video by playing taps in a local historical cemetery established in 1853 in NW Ohio.  I discovered your organization during my research and am encouraging the high school players to join in the playing of taps on Memorial Day at 3 p.m.  I have played taps since being the bugler in my Boy Scout troop back in the early 1960’s and still play for military funerals today when requested to do so.

Will play from my front porch in my neighborhood at 3:00pm CST.

Yes, please include me on the newsletter mailings.  I will be sounding TAPS on my commemorative Gettysburg Bugle this year.  I will be performing at Oaklawn Cemetery in Fishers, IN at a Veterans Memorial with the 5 service flags and POW flag.

I perform TAPS regularly as a member of Bugles Across America. I’m planning a neighborhood event that we will honor the veterans of area families and have a reading of their names prior to the sounding of TAPS.

De Pere WI

Front Porch, Trumpet.

Sounding Taps at either the HUGE American flag at the intersection of MD Route #100 and Mountain Road or at Galilee Lutheran Church on Mountain Road in Pasadena, MD.  As an Army retiree, I’ll be in Class A uniform.  Jan Holland will shoot video.

I will be playing taps at the Hopewell Community Cemetery , 21600 SE Church Road in Hopewell, OR at 3pm on Monday, 5/25.

On Memorial Day, I will be sounding Taps at 3:00 PM from the base of the Main Flagpole at Long Island National Cemetery as I have done for the past 15 years. Fleet Week, Memorial Day ceremonies, and all parades in NY have been canceled.

I will from the Dock at Lake of the Woods.

In Nicholasville KY. I’m very close to camp Nelson national cemetery so I may try to go there to sound taps.

I will be playing taps from my driveway dressed in a Union Soldier uniform playing a 1860s baritone horn. I do this in memory of those we have lost and most recently my Commander CW5 Richard N. Saddler United States Army (Retired).

MSgt USAF, (ret.) Regional Bandsman, Trumpet

I’ll be playing in my yard

B flat trumpet on my balcony of my street

I will be playing my Trumpet at Glenwood Cemetery in Geneva N.Y.  I will be playing over my Father’s grave Robert A. Roll, Air Force, and my uncle William Harris, Army. They are buried less than 15 feet apart. They have several other militarily graves nearby. I will be also playing for my son First Class Robert C. Roll U.S. Navy active.

I will play at Rose Hill Cemetery since our program was cancelled there.

Gettysburg Soldiers National Cemetery

Retired Army musician, Conductor and Trumpet.

I am the bugler for the Newport, NH American Legion Post 25.  Every Memorial Day the Legion hosts the ceremony on the town common. This ceremony concludes with a firing squad and taps. This year’s ceremony is cancelled due to the virus. I will be playing taps next to my flag pole at 1500 hrs.

a 15 year old trumpet player.

My maternal grandfather (deceased) and step-grandfather are veterans.

playing in honor of them from my balcony at home in Townsend Delaware.

Front porch.  Trumpet.

will be playing from a boathouse on “Upper Saranac Lake” in upstate New York in the Adirondacks

will be using either a [Bb as written or C pitched to key of G] valved trumpet depending on which resonates better from the mountains.

US Army Reserve veteran 1986-1994. My husband still serving with USAR.

playing my trumpet at my flag pole.

I will be playing taps with my bugle at the flag pole in front of the American Legion Post 605 located at 57 W. Main St., Dallastown, PA 17313 at 3PM. Thank you.

I will sound Taps.  My husband, Steve, will echo.

One of the upper decks at home on a hillside.  Centennial Scout Bugle or Olds Trumpet (Rafael Mendez model)

Will sound using Getzen AHFT at small dock on lake in our subdivision.  I am currently sounding TAPS there each Wednesday and Sunday from honor those that have died as a result of the horrific pandemic.

I will be performing in my driveway and I play trumpet.

Sarcoxie ,Mo, And Carthage Mo.  3-4,  Conn Boy Scout bugle.

I will play taps on a coronet on my front porch.

Boy Scout. First Class.

I will sound TAPS in our 55+ community un Bradenton, FL

This is my 63rd year as a bugler, having started as a Boy Scout at age 10. I use a regulation brass bugle. Thank you for your organizational efforts.

Member 14th Brooklyn NYSM and Hexamer’s Battery. Playing a JH Berger Bugle.

I am a  retired Marine. Sound TAPS regularly for Veterans funerals.  Soon to be age 89.  Use a Bflat King Cornet.

Will play National Moment of Remembrance  at Cross Keys Village, New Oxford PA. Will wear Marine Corps League uniform.

I will play in my front yard on my trumpet.

I will be in my front yard with all my neighbors out front to listen.

Will Play Taps on a Legionnaire Bugle In G, from my home’s front lawn area. Thanks!

I will be playing echo Taps with my father, Jason Frank.

U.S. Navy veteran (musician) Aug 1969 – May 1973

Will play from home

I will play Taps on my trumpet at the Elmwood Nebraska cemetery by the Civil War soldier statue.  I have played Taps here on Memorial Day each year for over 40 years.  I plan to play at 10:15 a.m.

Marine Veteran bugler.  Not sure where ‘ll be, but will definitely be participating

Played taps for many veterans funerals as a High  School student.  Will be playing a trumpet.

Trumpet, end of dock, Arbutus Lake, WI

I will honor my father at his resting place in Pine Lake Cemetery. He was a Navy Veteran of WW II.

Sounding Taps on Boston Common at the Annual

mass military heroes Flag Garden 🙂

I have a small bugle but will probably use my trumpet. I have a vet across the street. I’d like to play at home and then visit the cemetery.

Thanks for doing this.

I will play my Getzen bugle at the Acme, Michigan cemetery.  I am the principal bugler for VFW Post 2780 in Traverse City, Michigan and have completed 500 missions.  Always an honor.

I played taps last weekend for the Quad City Law Enfocement Memorial! It was broadcast on Facebook.

County Court House

Playing Getzen Bugle

I can play at Calverton National Cemetery, I have a 1965 Bach 37, and attend the Eastman School of Music

In addition, I will be sounding Taps at 9:00am with local Harry S Johnson  post 379, who I accompany at funerals. We are doing this alone, unadvertised, as to not draw a crowd, since Memorial Day ceremonies are cancelled. I am also participating in “Taps Across Bethlehem,” earlier that morning. Again, with the cancelling of ceremonies, we will be paying tribute privately, in our driveways, street corners, etc. After which we will have one bugler per cemetery sound Taps at all the Bethlehem cemeteries containing veterans. I will then sound at my father and father-in-law’s cemetery that morning.

I will likely be playing at the local Veteran Memorial in Fort Worth located near where Camp Bowie was

I plan on standing at the Clear Spring Veterans Memorial to sound Taps with my Getzen American Heritage Field Trumpet (Elite prototype – thanks to Tom Getzen).

I will be sounding Taps at the Virginia War Memorial for a virtual ceremony to be live streamed on WTVR CBS6 in Richmond at 10am, then plan to return at 3pm to sound Taps again for this event.

I will be at a local cemetery playing on trumpet at the gravesite of my great-grandfather and great-uncle, both veterans.

I`ll be playing at home, sounding Taps with an Olds Ultratone II two valve bugle.

Will be playing Taps @ 3 cemeteries, and a town hall for Memorial Day services as well.

I’ll do this near/at my home in “Buckhorn, PA”

I will play at the Avondale City Hall.

I will be sounding taps in Allentown Pennsylvania wood lawn cemetery my father grandfather uncles and among all veterans are there so I will be sounding taps up there And I do play trumpet

Gettysburg Battlefield, Little Round Top

I am a Life Boy Scout with Troop 26 in Marion, Ohio.  (Completing my Eagle Scout Boards of Review before this event takes place).  I will be playing my trumpet.

Probably the Mandeville, LA Lakefront, playing either a trumpet or cornet.

I will be playing taps on my trumpet, from my home. We are a gold star family, so this is an important day of remembrance for us.

I am the Colorado State Director for Bugles Across America, I have sent this out to all my buglers.

I have been playing Taps under my flags every evening at sunset since March 17, to honor the lives of those who passed on that day.

It is my pleasure to join! I will sound TAPS in Choccolocco, Alabama (exact location TBD). I thank you for the invitation to serve and the opportunity to honor!

Peggy Sue BAA, Trumpet

I will do an unannounced playing of Taps at our local Veteran’s Memorial Park so as to not attract a crowd. My daughter, Lauren and I will play an echo Taps on trumpet.

At Ulster County War Memorial at County Office building in Kingston NY.  Played on “G” bugle

I will be sounding taps and standing guard until 3:30 pm, Civil War section, Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL. I will be wearing my Union Principal Musician’s uniform and using an Amati Clarion pitched in Bb. I am honored to participate once again for The National Moment of Remembrance events.

I will be playing Taps at Bolivar Memorial Cem. in Bolivar, TN

I record Last Post this morning for the UK Act of Remembrance

West Ridge Cemetery


Will be sounding Taps at private ceremony on Memorial Day.  Not sure of the time yet.  Will be at the North Dakota Veterans Cemetery.

Will be sounding taps in Kansas City as I’ll be decorating my great-grandfather’s grave.

Playing trumpet somewhere near Portsmouth, NH

Playing in Kennett Square, PA in the community of Traditions at Longwood.  Front yard of home residence.

Bach Cornet.

Will be sounding at the Flag/Deck Gun area outside Post 420, American Legion, Steelton, PA

I will be playing TAPS on a Mt. Vernon Bach Stadivarius Trumpet, at the Safford Cemetery, next to the grave of my Father-in-law, a World War II Veteran that fought in France and Belgium.

Sounding off at the local cemeteries around Frederic, WI with by Bb trumpet

I have a patch, thank you but don’t send another one.  I’ll be camping at El Dorado Lake in Kansas when I sound taps.

Sounding taps in memory of Bill Jones, Pat Gualt and Tullytown, PA Fire Chief Rick Johnson. Rick was lost to Covid-19. He was on the honor guard with me this past year at the National Fallen Firefighters Memorial in Emmitsburg MD.

I’ll be sounding Taps on my trumpet from the front porch of my church.

I am a US Navy veteran (PO2 64/68).  I am a bugler with the ‘Red Rose Veterans Honor Guard’ in Lancaster County Pa. as well as a member of Bugles Across America.  I have participated in about 1,000 military honors to date.  I play taps from my back deck every day at 1900.  I will be playing taps from my back deck at 3:00pm on Memorial Day.  Jules Guzejko

Thanks Jari. Glad to be a part of this.

I am a member of Bugles Across America and will be playing in our neighborhood from my front yard.  My neighbors have been alerted.

I will be sounding TAPS from my home in the country.  I hope to be out on my lawn if the weather is dry but will do the porch if it’s raining.  I will be using my Carolbrass b flat bugle.

Playing a World War 2 Conn Army Green Bugle

Will be playing Taps at three, possibly four locations in Dayton, OH:

Dayton National Cemetery, Old Greencastle Cemetery, Calvary Cemetery, Woodland Cemetery

I will be posted at Central Flag Pole atop the hill overlooking all the interred Veterans at Alabama National Cemetery in Montevallo, AL.

Happy to be here, proud to serve.

Thanks Jari for your service and good will!

I will be sounding TAPS at my farm near Gap Mills WV using a B flat Clairon by Amati.

My back yard. With a bugle.

Air Force vet, playing trumpet at my house which backs up to the Quincy Copper Mine.

Will sound Taps at the Greenland, NH war memorial

No need to send me a patch….I have plenty.

Taps in Hudson, NH at Library Park.

Thank you for all you do!

Amarillo, TX Trumpet

Will also have my son (Bach trumpet) and grand son – F-Horn)

sound as well. I have a Getzen Eterna.  They live next door.


I will play from my front lawn, on a 37 bach strad. I feel very honored to do this. I did take part in the Nov 2018 event.

If II don’t render “Taps” at a ceremony with the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 920 Honor Guard, I will play from our front porch in Richardson, Texas on a Conn Vintage One B-flat tumpet.

I am so honored to be able to participate again. I will be playing taps on trumpet at the doors of the Alabama National Cemetery.

I will be playing a World War II bugle given to me by a relative of the sailor who played it during the war.

I will be in my driveway.  I am also available to perform Taps for funerals.  I can travel some, to DC and Baltimore regions, to do this.  I will be performing on a Bb Trumpet.

I will be playing a bugle at a local cemetery or veterans memorial park.

I will be playing taps from my patio in the apartment I live in. There is a Flag right in front of my patio. I also have the patch from last year. Thank you.

I will sound Taps at my home in Barrington, NH

Sp5 MOS – o2B20

Trumpet player

33rd Army Band

Heidelberg, Germany


Will be at the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies in Cecil PA.

Manson Park; the site of the former United States Armed Forces Cemetery, Ipswich, Australia.

As a former member of the Australian Defence Force I will be sounding TAPS on a “British Bugle”, as I do not have an American Field/Signal Trumpet. 

I will sound Taps at the Arroyo Grande, CA cemetery at 3pm with my bugle.  Thank you for sponsoring this event!

I, SSG Douglas Abercrombie, will be performing the 4-part arrangement that Jari Villanueva wrote for the 50th Anniversary of Taps at the funeral for President Kennedy with three other soldiers. SGT Scott Mills, SSG Richard Bordeman, and SGT Shane Nelson. All four of us are soldiers in the 208th Army Band, from Concord, NC.

I will perform TAPS in my neighborhood, we have 41 houses and many Vets leave here. I will then move to the local Jr. High school where a Memorial Day remembrance occurs every year. I will then visit 3 local cemeteries, which I do every Memorial Day. One of the cemeteries is home to Vets from the Civil war to current acting vets. Thank you!  Dave

Not yet decided on place and instrument. Depends on a local government’s decision regarding an annual commemoration – whether it happens or not.

There will be 2 of us sounding echoing taps.  Downtown Anderson Indiana.

Will be sounding at Centennial Cemetery, just up the road from the house. Many veterans all the way back to the Civil War are buried there.

Mobile test

I am a New York resident but member of the Vermont National Guard, and I will likely be performing from Vermont while on duty.

Will be sounding taps at a local cemetery in Decatur,Al

Either at the community Flag Pole or on my backyard deck.  Getzen Field Trumpet (bugle) in Bb which I have been using for the past 15-20 years.  (I already have a Taps for Veterans Patch, and I am already on the mailing list.)

Trumpet, at the Flagpole at work as I am working that day.

I’m actually going to be sounding it in Collinsville, VA.  But I’m moving shortly afterward to Michigan.  I’ll be playing my small, single-valve, Kanstul bugle (like the US Army Old Guard).

I will do it in my front yard in front of my 20 foot flagpole. I will be wearing my Marine Corps League uniform.

I will sound TAPS at the appointed time in the center of the bridge over Skylake in Sautee-Nacoochee, GA.

Getzen BAA American Heritage Model Field Trumpet

I’ll be sounding taps at the flagpole/memorial at my community park

Memorial Day: Sunrise volley & taps at Okeag Cemetery, Columbus Wis.  3pm sounding – Woodlawn Union Park, Hartford Wis.

Will also be sounding at 2200 nightly that weekend at Astico County Park, Columbus Wis.

I will likely Sound TAPS at Manassas National Battlefield.

I’ll be sounding from the roof of my house using my Getzen Field Trumpet.

Have been sounding Taps on trumpet for funerals and Memorial Day services since age 13; now age 62.

I appreciate all the organizing you do, thank you!

Sounding  Taps at the WV National Cemetery in Grafton,WV as part of their Memorial Day Ceremony. If that is a different time, I’ll be sounding at the Veterans Memorial in my city.

Taps sounded at WW 1 Camp Sevier Memorial,Greenville County Vietnam War Memorial Wall and the Major Rudolf Anderson Jr. Memorial all within Greenville County,SC

Gonic, NH

will be playing on my front patio.

Sounding at the US Navy SEAL monument at the oceanfront

OIF veteran graduating with my degree in music education this month. Will be sound Taps at my university one last time.

Will be sounding TAPS from my house or at the Veterans Memorial in a local park. Will be sounding TAPS on my Bb Trumpet.

Thank you for all you do, Jari!

Usually play a Getzen bugle – my Mirafone tuba doesn’t quite make it –

In the past few years have played to begin 100 Nights of Taps at Gettysburg –

Also have provided Taps at Montgomery Cemetery (Norristown, PA) for the Sons of Union Veterans Ceremony – Tomb of Winfield Scott Hancock and grave of John Hartranft – then trek to family gravesites in Ardsley Cemetery, Abington, PA and Beverly National Cemetery, Beverly, NJ – has become a tradition


  1. Anne Smith Anne Smith May 24, 2020

    My husband will be playing taps at 15:00 CST on a C harmonica on our front lawn. He is a USAF veteran, and will celebrate his 85th birthday on Tuesday. God bless America!

  2. Glen Oxton Glen Oxton May 24, 2020

    From the back porch into a county park. Bb trumpet, Mamaroneck, NY

  3. Paul Compton Paul Compton May 24, 2020

    I’ve been playing Trumpet (and Taps) for 58 years. I’ll play tomorrow in special honor of my Father, who was an Omaha Beach Veteran.

  4. Patricia A Konyha Patricia A Konyha May 24, 2020

    MAP UPDATE: If you can’t find your drop pin on the map for Memorial Day please search by your name at the top of the screen. To the keep the listing private and not list participants physical addresses we are pinning the map with City, State, Zip Code. Because there are many duplicated zip codes, google is overlapping the pins. The only work around for this is to publish physical addresses which we will not do. Please be patient with this process. If you have any questions you are welcome to message me on facebook or via email @

  5. JJ Saunders JJ Saunders May 24, 2020

    1st Class Troop 777 of Texas Sam Houston Council Boyscout Bugler JJ Saunders will be playing in memory of his Pop Pop ( William Saunders Sr.) and all Heroes of this great land.

    Thank you, we salute you.

  6. Ben H Ben H May 24, 2020

    Playing on my porch in honor of my father’s service during the Korean War, my grandfather in WWI, two brothers-in-law in Viet Nam and my daughter, active duty USAF. First and foremost though, for those who have died in service to the USA.

  7. Grant B. Grant B. May 24, 2020

    El Paso, TX. Active duty Army. Will be sounding taps on my balcony at 1500 MST.

  8. J N STAVA J N STAVA May 23, 2020

    Ssgt Stava, USAF will be sounding taps in full uniform at 3PM for the neighborhood in Gig Harbor WA

  9. Joe Pellecchia Joe Pellecchia May 23, 2020

    Trumbull, CT. I will be playing my G-baritone bugle on the street corner of my lot.

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