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Taps Bugler: Jari Villanueva

What is Taps?

WHAT IS TAPS? Of all the military bugle calls, none is so easily recognized or more apt to evoke emotion than the twenty-four notes that…

The Bugler of Arlington

THE BUGLER OF ARLINGTON(author unknown) I am the bugler of ArlingtonBut this honor belongs not to one man alone.Today, I stand the watch.Yesterday in our…


TAPS FOR LEW SOLOFF By Jari Villanueva Lew Soloff, US Army Photo courtesy of Laura Solomon-used by permission For military buglers in the United States,…

Last Days of John Philip Sousa

The Last Days of John Philip Sousa On February 22nd, 1932, John Philip Sousa conducted the combined musicians of the The United States Army Band, United States Navy Bandand “The…

The Story of Taps UPDATE

A good news story about Taps and a WIN for the true story. Below is a photo is the “Story of Taps” that was on…

The Taps Myth

Almost every day when I check my e-mails, I get a message or two asking about or forwarding a story for my comment or enlightenment. It starts with, "Reportedly it all began during the Civil War…" and goes on to relate the story of Union Captain Ellicombe and how he finds his wounded Confederate son on a battlefield. The story is that the music of Taps is found in the pocket of the young man and that's how the call came into being. It is a heartwarming and poignant story, but false.

Two Bugle Calls

This special call for an organization was useful in many ways. It had no small effect in arousing and maintaining an esprit de corps in this brigade, second to none in the army. It was known by all troops of the Army of the Potomac, and the brigade which marched to its music was always respected and welcomed by its comrades in arms as an organization to be trusted, and sure to give a good account of itself under all circumstances.

Lyrics or Words to Taps

The Taps Lyrics here including variations and history of the words to Taps.

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