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Posts published in “History of the Bugle”

Commodore Matthew Perry’s Bugler

“A sailor usually considers himself as out of the pale of respectable society, and he longs for an opportunity to become the only thing he…

Taps Vs. Last Post

Taps Vs. The Last PostA look at two iconic bugle calls Of all the bugle signals sounded in the world, the two that stand out…

Daniel Adams Butterfield

DANIEL ADAMS BUTTERFIELD 1831-1901 Who was the general whose name is associated with Taps?  Daniel Adams Butterfield was born in Utica, New York, on October…

Ruffles and Flourishes

What is the fanfare that is played before the president, a general or other high ranking official arrives?
Ruffles and Flourishes are sounded to render military honors and precede prescribed music for persons being honored.

100 Nights of Taps

ALL ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE! 100 NIGHTS OF TAPS GETTYSBURG 2020is sponsored byThe Lincoln Fellowship of PennsylvaniaThe National Park ServiceTaps For Veterans Wendy Allen, Founder…

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