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Posts published in “History of the Bugle”

The Scott Tattoo

The 1835 Tattoo or Scott Tattoo is the bugle signal that predates the call of Taps. It is important in the evolution of Taps in…


ISOLATED BUT UNITED LEST WE FORGET A Taps For Veterans Event JOIN THE FB EVENT AT: Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance…

Taps Music, Sound Files and Information

Sheet Music and Sound File to TapsClick on the links In order to provide you with music and sound files of Tapswe have included these…

The Taps Myth

Almost every day when I check my e-mails, I get a message or two asking about or forwarding a story for my comment or enlightenment. It starts with, "Reportedly it all began during the Civil War…" and goes on to relate the story of Union Captain Ellicombe and how he finds his wounded Confederate son on a battlefield. The story is that the music of Taps is found in the pocket of the young man and that's how the call came into being. It is a heartwarming and poignant story, but false.

Lyrics or Words to Taps

The Taps Lyrics here including variations and history of the words to Taps.

Oliver Willcox Norton

Who was the bugler who first sounded the call of Taps? When it it happen? What did he do after his time in the Army?…

December 7th Bugler

A bugle story for December 7th From “Day of Infamy” by Walter Lord“Then a plane swept by, [the barracks at Pearl Harbor] raking the line…

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