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Taps 25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD released on September 12, 2006

I was honored to take part in the 25th anniversary re-release in 2006

A re-release of the 1981 film with George C. Scott, Timothy Hutton, Sean Penn and Tom Cruise. It includes a bunch of bonus material including the original TV spots and “The Bugler’s Cry: The Origins of Playing “Taps” (7 minutes). Historian and bugler Jari Villanueva discusses the history of the song.

Some on-line reviews:

* “The Bugler’s Cry featurette proved to be very informative regarding the background of the playing of Taps and its significance to the military. All in all a respectable bonus features package.”

* “Military fans will also enjoy the featurette dealing with the origin of the famous military bugle call Taps.”

* “The Bugler’s Cry: The origins of playing ‘Taps’ is a historical perspective on the origin of the signature call of the US military. Dispelling the myths behind the bugle call’s origins, the piece points to General Daniel Butterfield during the Civil War as having originated the material specifically for his own troops. Wanting something to find a bugle call to calm his troops before they slumbered, Butterfield and his bugler in July 1862 originated the piece and it was quickly adopted by the Union troops. Running around seven minutes, it’s a unique piece about a unique aspect of the military.”

* “There is also a Origin of the Song Taps documentary that is really boring…unless you are interested in history and love Useless Information, like me.”

* “The Bugler’s Cry: The Origins of Playing “Taps” is a strange but fascinating historical extra that focuses on where the musical piece came from and how it was used throughout military history. Taps provided a reassuring call to soldiers that everything was well and that they could relax for the evening but it had a far more complex history than that. Brass Historian and bugler Jari Villanueva gives a complete history of the short musical piece, its supposed origin, real origin and purpose throughout military history. This is a short but fascinating piece.”

* “In response to the film’s title, this documentary looks at the history of the familiar song “Taps.” This documentary is brief, but absolutely fascinating. A bugler and brass historian explains the meanings of various bugle calls used throughout military history. Features that touch upon subjects outside the film itself generally offer something new. This is certainly no exception. A must-watch.”

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