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Ruffles and Flourishes

What is the fanfare that is played before the president, a general or other high ranking official arrives?
Ruffles and Flourishes are sounded to render military honors and precede prescribed music for persons being honored.

100 Nights of Taps

ALL ARE WELCOME TO PARTICIPATE! NOTE: REGISTRATION WILL START MARCH 1, 2021 100 NIGHTS OF TAPS GETTYSBURG 2021is sponsored byThe Lincoln Fellowship of PennsylvaniaThe National…

Taps Music, Sound Files and Information

Sheet Music and Sound File to TapsClick on the links In order to provide you with music and sound files of Tapswe have included these…

The Taps Myth

Almost every day when I check my e-mails, I get a message or two asking about or forwarding a story for my comment or enlightenment. It starts with, "Reportedly it all began during the Civil War…" and goes on to relate the story of Union Captain Ellicombe and how he finds his wounded Confederate son on a battlefield. The story is that the music of Taps is found in the pocket of the young man and that's how the call came into being. It is a heartwarming and poignant story, but false.

Larry DuPree Bugler

Larry Dupree, Bugler and friend By Jari Villanueva, TapsBugler On November 1, 2019 the world lost another Vietnam Veteran and the bugling world lost a…

Hitting the High Notes

Hitting the High Notes…For Those that say I have one of the worst Jobs. My preparation is always the same. My instrument is so highly…

Bicycle Bugles and Bugling

Bicycle Bugles and Bugling By Paul Schmidt This article was written for “The Wheelmen” who kindly granted permission to reprint. The bicycle bugle, along…

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