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Army Air Corps Cadet Bugler sounding “To The Color”

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Jari Villanueva


  1. Ben Gu Ben Gu November 18, 2017

    I happened the find this interesting website. I like the pictures of old Bach bugles, the recordings of the taps and the sheet music for trumpet with string quartet.

  2. Ray Hancock Ray Hancock September 21, 2017

    I was very proud of my son, playing taps at a veteran’s funeral. Since article and photos in the morning paper. Both of my younger son’s also marched with the Concord Blue Devils Drum and Bugle Corp. We did some traveling to watch them play. Great memories.

  3. Karyl Entner Karyl Entner May 29, 2017

    I was looking for something related to Memorial Day but also related to my devotional group and I found you. Dick Morris used content from your story today on his broadcast and that peaked my interest.
    Thank you for your service.
    I found it interesting that the lyrics include God. In spite of recent moved to take God out of the military, it will be impossible. Taps will never stop being played.

  4. Tapsbugler Tapsbugler Post author | April 7, 2017

    Thank you!!

  5. Jim Steele Jim Steele April 4, 2017

    You set the standard to aspire to and uphold as a Taps Bugler. Thank you for your expertise and shining example of how a bugler should perform and carry him or herself while executing the duties of a ceremonial bugler.

    Jim Steele, Bugler
    American Legion Florida Post 137 Color Guard
    Director, American Legion Riders Florida Chapter 137
    Member, Sons of the American Legion Florida Squadron 137
    Den Leader, Cub Scout Pack 522, Great Muskogee District, N. Florida Council

  6. Judith Binkley Judith Binkley January 25, 2017

    I am so grateful for the flawless trumpet rendering of Taps at my beloved husband’s service on Friday January 20th in Memphis. Unfortunately, this superb musician had gone before I was able to thank him. If there is any possible way to convey my personal thanks to him, I would appreciate your assistance.

    Three days later, on January 23, I attended the service for a friend at which Taps “came from a can”…so disappointing.

    Tapsbugler is to be commended for the wonderful service provided for our veterans and their families.

    With gratitude,
    Mrs. Bill Binkley (Judith)

  7. Tapsbugler Tapsbugler Post author | September 26, 2016


  8. Neal Neal September 26, 2016

    This is probably the best site on the internet concerning Taps, as well as other bugle information. Thank you for your service, your patriotism, and creating this site. The only improvements, in my humble opinion, would be more videos or illustrations that demonstrate the proper manual of arms for the performing Taps both on the bugle and o trumpet.

    *2nd Inf Div Band, Trumpet Player (and Bugler). VFW Post 12034, Honor Guard Bugler (and Trumpeter)*

  9. Rick Grammer Rick Grammer August 26, 2016

    Hello Jari,
    I played with the 8th GA Regiment band for over 10 years. We performed with you in Charlston, SC a few years ago. It was during the 150th celebration of Taps. I really enjoyed meeting you and playing with you. Last year my cousin died and I asked the Marine detail if I could play Taps for them live, as they were using the canned bugle. I was refused stating policy. I cringed as I listened to the recording and the tinny sound. I am a member of Bugles Across America and I was a bit put out with the incident. Can that dilemma be rectofied?
    Rick Grammer
    8th Regiment Band

  10. Dezso Tenke Dezso Tenke July 19, 2016

    nice visiting this site. 102nd engineers, regimental bugler now 95 still “sound off”

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