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The Pearl Harbor Bugler Sgt Theodore Allen

The Pearl Harbor Bugler
Army Bugler Sergeant Theodore Allen
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Sergeant Theodore Allen

​Stationed at Fort Ruger on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 Sergeant Allen furiously played Call To Arms saving numerous lives during the surprise attack. But, for all his heroics, he was mishandled by the Veterans Administration and buried on top of his brother, Air Force Lieutenant William Allen, who was murdered by Nazi’s after ejecting from his bullet ridden plane over occupied France and surrendering. The Nazi who shot him was later convicted at the Nuremberg Trials and sentenced to death for his crime. The father of these two heroes served in WWI and wrote the famous Poem “The Unknown Soldier.” Ironically, Sergeant Allen’s grave remained unmarked until The Veterans Administration recently honored him for his service with a ceremony on September 5, 2014. His remains are in Port Washington, NY.

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