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WWI Memorial Taps


Taps is sounded each day at 5 pm at the New National World War I Memorial in Washington DC. The National World War I Memorial is located in Pershing Park on Pennsylvania Ave between 14th and 15th Streets.

John Schmitt, Bugler

Taps is sounded by a bugler each day at 5 pm to honor the memory of 4.7 million Americans who finished a fight they did not start, in a land they had never visited, for peace and liberty for people they did not know. We honor those Doughboys who did their ‘bit’ for their country.

The daily sounding of Taps began Monday May 24th and will continue through Veterans Day. The call will be sounded at the foot of the flagpole at the Memorial.

The daily sounding is with cooperation of The WWI Commission, The Doughboy Foundation, The America Battlefield Monuments Commission, the National Park Service and Taps For Veterans.

The Doughboy Foundation is asking for your support to help fund this daily sounding of Taps so we can continue it year round to honor them.


July 5-11 Jari Villanueva

July 12-18 John Schmitt

July 19-25 Jari Villanueva

July 26-August 1 Michael DeLaune

August 2-8 Lori Crandell

August 9-15 Jari Villanueva

August 16-22 Nathan Clark

August 23-29 Amy McCabe

August 30-September 5 Chris Larios

September 6-12 Davy DeArmond 

September 13-19 Jari Villanueva

September 20-26 Anthony Bellino

September 27-October 3 Jari Villanueva

October 4-10 Jeff Stockham

October 11-17 Billy Gerlach

October 18-24 Jari Villanueva

October 25-31 Jari Villanueva

November 1-7 Ginger Turner

November 8-14 Jari Villanueva

TAPS FOR VETERANS is an organization dedicated to providing live buglers for military funerals and memorial services. TFV has coordinated many national events such as Taps Across America, Birth Of An American Tradition, A Bugle Call Remembered, Sounds Of Remembrance, The National Salute on Veterans Day, and 100 Nights Of Taps Gettysburg. The next major event is Taps In Honored Glory on November 7th 2021 to commemorate the Centennial of Taps at The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the National Salute on November 11. You can see the full calendar of upcoming events here.

Jari Villanueva, Bugler Director of Taps For Veterans

More than its statuary, the new National World War I Memorial is a public gathering place for reflection on the war that changed the world. It is here in the Nation’s Capital that the playing of Taps—the sonorous 24-note melody embodies egalitarianism, patriotism, democracy, and equality—will enable us to fulfill an obligation to keep faith with the American Doughboy.

Michael DeLaune, Bugler

Solemn public gatherings will evoke the sacrifice and service of the 4.7 million Americans who answered their country’s call. A varied cast of participants will take part in the tolling of a ship’s bell, the laying of wreaths, the distribution of poppies, and more, casting an unforgettable spell upon Washingtonians and visitors alike. Indelible stories of service will inspire those in attendance and online. At special commemorative ceremonies, Taps will be played on a storied instrument: General John J. Pershing’s own bugle.

The Pershing Bugle played by a bugler from the United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own”

The Doughboy Foundation is actively seeking funding to support this project, and we’ll start the program once we have secured the first year’s expenses.

If you have questions, please contact: 

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