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Civil War Re-enacting for the Bugler


At the command of Attention-Company, Music (Musicians) bring your heels together toes out at angle, knees straight (without stiffness), body erect on hips, top of body leaning a little forward. Bugle is placed in right hand holding the bugle horizontal from ground way from the body with the bell resting on right hip. Left hand hangs naturally elbow near the body, the palm turned out a little to the front, the little finger behind the seam of the trousers. Shoulder square and face is well out to the front erect and chin up and a little drawn in.

Position of the Company Bugler
Buglers should position themselves in the first rank, four paces to the right of the First Sergeant. When the roll is taken you answer when your name is called with “Here”

Eyes Right for the Company Bugler
At the command Eyes-Right, you should turn your head to the left being careful not to move the shoulders, and align yourself with the front rank. The line does not align on you but the First Sergeant. At the command of Front, bring your head back to the front position

Position of the Regimental Bugler
Buglers should position behind the commander on his left.

The Salute
A salute is rendered at the command of Present-Arms. If you are the only musician in a company, you salute. If you are in a formation of musicians (i.e., a bugle corps, or massed musicians) the leader or Drum Major salutes for the formation. The best way to describe the hand salute of the Civil War is to say it closely resembled the French and British army salutes of the 20th century. From the position of Attention, the salute is done in four movements when holding a bugle. These movements should be done in a smart military fashion.

Present Arms
1. From the position of Attention, bring the bugle to your left hand meeting at chest level
2. Return right hand back to seam of trousers
3. Extend the right arm horizontally to the right, palm down.
4. Carry the arm to the visor of the cap.

Order Arms
1. Carry the arm back to the horizontal position
2. Drop the hand quickly to the side
3. Bring the arm up to chest level and grasp the bugle
4. Return the bugle to the position of Attention.

Parade Rest or In Place-Rest
From the position of attention, bring the right foot back behind the left to form a T. Bring the bugle to the front and hold with both hands. The body should be relaxed. You are required to remain in place keeping one foot immobile. If the command is Parade Rest, there is no talking.

Right or Left Face
Raise the right foot slightly, turn on the left heel, raising the toes a little, and bring the right heel to the side of the left.

About Face
Turn (to the right) on left heel , bring the left toe to the front rear, the hollow opposite to, and full heel, the feet square to each other.

The command to march is Forward-March. You step off on your left foot at quick time (110 beats per minute) and at a 28 inch interval.

Route step
Route step is marching at a relaxed manner, not in cadence. The command is At the Route Step-March! To bring a company back to marching in cadence, the command is Attention, Company. Or the bugle call attention is sounded.

The command to halt is Company-Halt! This command is given on the left foot as you are marching. At the command of halt, bring the right foot forward one pace, stopping the right foot and bring the left foot up to the right.

To dismiss
The command is Break Ranks-March. This command is done from the position of Attention.

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  1. Craig Flick Craig Flick July 22, 2019

    Thank you for putting together the “School of the Bugler” portion, as a new bugler it’s invaluable.

  2. Tapsbugler Tapsbugler Post author | May 15, 2019

    It was put together as a guide for re-enactors since there was no “bugle manual” of the time.
    It uses material from the School of The Soldier” but adapted for buglers.


  3. Marc Speed Marc Speed May 11, 2019

    I am curious about the “School of the Bugler.” Is it from Hardee, or did you compose it?

    In either event, it is most useful.

  4. JohnnyReb JohnnyReb September 26, 2013

    Seeing as the confederate army was modeled exactly the same way as the union army, regulations are the same.

    They use the same calls for EVERYTHING.
    You must remember most if not almost all officers in the Confederate Army resigned from the Union army to join the confederates.

  5. Kate Kate September 18, 2012

    Hi Great article and quite informitive. Do these regulations apply for the Confederates as well as the Union? Are the calls mostly the same? The type of Buge? The Uniform? Do you know if there is a list and music of Confederate calls?


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