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100 Nights of Taps

MAY 15 2020 UPDATE

Greetings buglers for the 100 Nights of Taps Gettysburg 2020

The 100 Nights of Taps Gettysburg 2020 begins our 4th year sounding Taps every evening at 7 pm on Memorial Day. The program will continue through the summer as scheduled with the major change that the program will be done online with performances of Taps videotaped.

As of today (May 15, 2020) there are no live evening performances in the Gettysburg National Cemetery. Until the National Park Service gives us the all-clear we will do the evening program virtually.  Wea re going to do the programs each evening at 7 PM on Facebook and YouTube.

We are asking ALL buglers who are registered to sound Taps and submit their Taps video to Wendy Allen at as soon as possible

You can send the video to Wendy using It is free and easy to use.
If you have any questions on uploading the video call me at 443 801-5274 and I’ll help guide you through it.

PDF instructions are attached for sending the video CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS

Videos must be sent in at least one week prior to your scheduled performance. For those who are playing in the first week please get them in ASAP

1. Shoot your video in the HORIZONTAL (landscaped) perspective.
2. Dress as if you are performing at the evening ceremony.
3. Just video Taps. No narration is needed. Thanks
4. Please follow the guidelines for sounding Taps found at


If you feel you cannot send a video please let us know right away so we can re-schedule your performance. Please let us know

Thanks for being part of this evening ceremony!

May 4, 2020

In order to act in the best interest of public safety, Gettysburg National Military Park has informed The Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania that, until further notice, any on-site programming for “One Hundred Nights of Taps, Gettysburg, 2020” within Soldiers’ National Cemetery has been temporarily suspended.  I would like to say that the park’s communications have been extremely kind, thoughtful, and the staff were deeply appreciative of all of your efforts for the program. The GNMP will be keeping me updated with any changes to this cancellation. And, yes, if there is an “all clear” communicated to me, we will again meet, outdoors, at the base of the beautiful Soldiers’ National Monument within the seventeen sacred acres to resume the program as it was intended to be.

This temporary permit cancellation, of course, makes us sad. But we must be responsible. Your talent, patriotic passions, and faith in the program have created a unique, beautiful, and, most importantly, all-inclusive ceremony. You are the heart and soul of the program and we thank you.

Now, we have decided to continue the program digitally. We will be streaming the evening ceremony, live, using various technology, including Facebook and YouTube. We will begin streaming May 25th, Memorial Day, and will be inviting the public to join us online.

I am currently working with the Board of Directors and members of Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania to decide on the finest streaming application for us all to use. This application must provide the best online security, easy-to-use interface, and reliable streaming capabilities with good quality.

We understand that there will be some of you that do not know how to use this new technology and we (Jari and I) are prepared to guide you through this uneasiness with rehearsals or by having you supply us with a prerecorded video of you sounding “Taps” that I can broadcast. No fears.  We will have more detailed information/instructions to follow soon. We view this as an outstanding opportunity to share your talents and to share this ceremony with people who may never be able to witness it here in Gettysburg.

Thank you for your patience, dedication, and talent.  We will continue to honor the ultimate sacrifice given for freedom by the soldiers interred here in Gettysburg and by the quiet bright light of Lincoln’s brief yet enduring address. Many thanks to the Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania, Taps for Veterans, and the Gettysburg National Military Park for supporting this poignant ceremony and supporting the chance for all of us to continue to come together to honor the brave in a quiet digital light.

These are very difficult days  and my thoughts and prayers are for your safety and good health. “One Hundred Nights of Taps, Gettysburg, 2020” will prevail.

Wendy Allen
Vice President
Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania

Keep checking on our FB page and at

Thanks so much. We are looking forward to another great summer honoring our nation’s fallen heroes.

100 Nights of Taps Information


Taps sounded every evening at 7 PM  in Gettysburg PA.
May 25-September 7, 2020
at the Soldiers Monument in the
Gettysburg National Cemetery.
**The program will start as an online program each evening at 7 PM on FaceBook and YouTube**



is sponsored by
The Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania
The National Park Service
Taps For Veterans

Wendy Allen, Founder and Coordinator
Jari Villanueva, Bugle Coordinator


100 Nights of Taps is open to buglers and trumpeters of all ages.
If you have any questions please contact us at:

Download a pdf of the Information Sheet here

  1. Please choose any date (only one) between Monday May 25 and Monday September 7, 2020 from schedule below.
  2. Send an email to requesting a date.
    You will need to include the following in your email:
    -Email and Phone:
    -Date selected for sounding Taps at Gettysburg
    -short background information (for any press releases)
    -Photo for press release
  3. You will receive an email response about the date within 24 hours of the request. (FIRST COME FIRST SERVED)
  4. A schedule will be posted on the website of the dates and buglers for the evening
  5. It is important that you keep us informed of any changes.
  6. We have a Face Book Group Page CLICK HERE FOR THE FB PAGE
    Please visit that page for updates regarding 100 Nights of Taps. It will be an active page during the summer.

    Buglers will be expected to report to the Gatehouse located by the entrance to the Cemetery on Baltimore Pike (Rte. 97) by 6:30 PM on the evening they sound Taps and will sound Taps at 7 PM sharp. There will be a representative there to greet each performer. During the summer there might be a special guest who will give a short presentation prior to Taps. We will also have special ceremonies on Memorial Day May 25, D-Day June 6, Gettysburg Brass Band Festival on June 13, Independence Day July 4, and Labor Day September 7. There will be other special events too. These will be announced on the Facebook Page and Website. This event is rain or shine unless there is severe weather.

    Taps is a solemn honor to those who have died in service to our country and to those who are serving in uniform today. Please make every effort to perform this call in a dignified manner. Please refer to the guidelines of sounding Taps found at  
    Pay particular attention to the correct rhythm of Taps. We wish to be consistent in all the performances.

-Military or Civilian dress (appropriate clothes please). Business casual, at the least, is appropriate. It’s wiser to dress on the conservative side rather than showing up underdressed.  If you wear a military uniform, veteran service organization, band uniform or any outfit representing a group, please wear the uniform in keeping with rules and regulations governing the wear.
-Civil War Re-enactors (Union only please)
-Any other US Military Re-enactors (WWI, WWII, etc..)
-You may use a bugle, cornet or trumpet
-Echo Taps will be allowed for this event if you are coming with another bugler. Please let us know ahead of time.
Taps performance guidelines can be found at

100 NIGHTS OF TAPS GETTYSBURG 2020 is sponsored by The Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania, Taps For Veterans, and The National Park Service.

We encourage you to contact your local newspaper, television and other media to promote your performance at the 100 Nights of Taps. Please notify Wendy Allen by email at if you are contacted by media so you can get a list of talking points about 100 Nights of Taps, The Lincoln Fellowship of Pennsylvania and Taps For Veterans.

Thanks for taking of your time and talent to be part of 100 NIGHTS OF TAPS GETTYSBURG 2020!



Monday May 25-Opening Ceremonies on-line via FaceBook and YouTube
Tuesday May 26-David Drayer, Steelton, PA 
Wednesday May 27-Daniel Sharp, Silver Spring, MD
Thursday May 28-Vanessa Shenk, Bolling Springs, PA
Friday May 29-Jim Steele, Jacksonville, FL
Saturday May 30-Lou DiLeo, Seaford, NY
Sunday May 31-Debra Skripkunis, Exeter, PA


Monday June 1-Robert Slamp, Huntsville, AL
Tuesday June 2-Jordyn Meyers, York, PA
Wednesday June 3-Max Osborn, Baltimore, MD
Thursday June 4-Scott Ludwig, Hudson, ME
Friday June 5-Shirley Ann Walker, Medina, OH
Saturday June 6-Steven Snyder, Special D-Day Observance 
Sunday June 7-Ron Glazer, Clear Spring, MD


Monday June 8-Michelle Murray-Poczobut, Monroe, NY 
Tuesday June 9-John Lupp, Littlestowns, PA
Wednesday June 10-Ivan Frantz, Jr., York, PA
Thursday June 11-Alan Ashley, Walkersville, MD 
Friday June 12-The Power House Brass, Gaithersburg, MD
Saturday June 13-Richard Niven, Gabriel Avila, Dardanelle, AR
Sunday June 14-CJ Perosi, Pasadena, Maryland


Monday June 15-Herbert Payung, Hellerstown, PA
Tuesday June 16-Alex Hessler, Gettysburg, PA
Wednesday June 17-Peter Sharrock, Central Islip, NY
Thursday June 18-Jim Rodgers, Taneytown, MD
Friday June 19-Ralph Brodt-Bethlehem, PA
Saturday June 20-Andrew Bisnett, Stillwater, NY
Sunday June 21-John Baker, Nottingham, MD


Monday June 22-Nathaniel Bauder, Ovid, NY,
Tuesday June 23-Amy Bland, Newark DE
Wednesday June 24-Jocelyn England, Martinsville, IL
Thursday June 25-Gabriella Sandy-Niles, OH
Friday June 26-Dan Ward, Oakton VA 
Saturday June 27-Randy Ferrie-Greer, SC
Sunday June 28-Tom Herman, Kennett Square, PA


Monday June 29-Brooks Brady, Gibsonia, PA
Tuesday June 30-Stephen Goshorn, Taylors, SC
Wednesday July 1-David Michel, Ashburn, VA
Thursday July 2-Tom Huntington, Camp Hill PA
Friday July 3-Christian A. Snouffer, Yoe, PA
Saturday July 4-Special TBA
Sunday July 5-Lisa Gardella, Joseph and Katie Noga, Oakville, CT 


Monday July 6-Raymond Nelson, Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday July 7-Kevin Czarnik, Lexington, MI
Wednesday July 8-Amy Gabriele, Harrisburg, PA
Thursday July 9-Jamie Cope, Arendtsville, PA
Friday July 10-Ryan Bowden, New Castle, PA
Saturday July 11-Chris Therit, Hershey, PA
Sunday July 12- Mary Gabriele, Harrisburg, PA


Monday July 13-Judith Shellenberger, Williamsport, PA
Tuesday July 14-Larry and Lindsey Burroughs, Elmira, NY
Wednesday July 15-David Apple, Westminster, MD
Thursday July 16-Ken Bair II, Landisburg, PA  
Friday July 17-Albert Lilly, Martinsville, IN
Saturday July 18-Ben Corner, Locust Grove VA
Sunday July 19-Eric Schindler, Lebanon, NH


Monday July 20-Jeff Stockham, Syracuse, NY
Tuesday July 21-Kippi Fagerlund, Rockville, MD
Wednesday July 22-Harold Collins, Sevierville, TN
Thursday July 23-Mitch Mummert, Gettysburg, PA
Friday July 24-James McDevitt, Southampton, PA
Saturday July 25-Nicholas Alexander Brown, Bowie, MD
Sunday July 26-Wes Snyder, Dallastown, PA


Monday July 27-Ralph Harris, Albuquerque, NM
Tuesday July 28-Damon Morris, Kulpmont, PA
Wednesday July 29-Sam Ivey, Argyle TWP, ME
Thursday July 30-Doug Rudisill, Gettysburg, PA
Friday July 31-Bob Allers, Deansboro, NY
Saturday August 1-Keith DeFontes, Baltimore, MD
Sunday August 2-Jeff Miller, Evans Mills NY


Monday August 3-Kraig Herman, Manchester, PA
Tuesday August 4-Thomas Sneeringer, Washington DC
Wednesday August 5-Ralph Horan, Leesburg, Virginia
Thursday August 6-Gail Belmont, Valley Spring, CA
Friday August 7-Al Trapani, Gettysburg, PA
Saturday August 8-Co. F 139th PA Civil War Presentation Harry Dillon
Sunday August 9-Al Ingalls, Ellicott City, MD


Monday August 10-Priscilla King, York, PA 

Tuesday August 11-David Miller, Pasadena MD-Andrew Balio, Baltimore, MD
Wednesday August 12-
Thursday August 13-Stacy Southerland, Oklahoma City, OK
Friday August 14-Ryan Fox, Abbottstown, PA
Saturday August 15-Tom Rudolph,
Sunday August 16-David Beier, 


Monday August 17-Ryan Gebhart, East Berlin, PA
Tuesday August 18-
Wednesday August 19-
Thursday August 20-Charles Aschmann, Fort Valley, VA
Friday August 21-David Bufalini, Aliquippa, PA
Saturday August 22-Community Bands of Westmoreland County Trumpeters
Sunday August 23-Russ Ebersole, Mount Vernon, NY


Monday August 24-Don Roeder,Boiling Springs,  PA
Tuesday August 25-Nancy Hale, Canton NY
Wednesday August 26-
Thursday August 27-Jari Villanueva, Baltimore, MD
Friday August 28-Richard Barnes, Pasadena, MD
Saturday August 29-Mark LaSarge, Traverse City, MI
Sunday August 30-Carter Doyle, Pittsfield Township, MI


Monday August 31-Aidan Peterson, Ardmore, PA
Tuesday September 1-Nancy Landreville, Falling Waters, WV
Wednesday September 2-Rich Pawling, Reading PA
Thursday September 3-Kevin McCarty, Holly Springs, PA
Friday September 4-James Shufelt, Carlisle, PA
Saturday September 5-Jay Copenhaver, New Stanton, PA
Sunday September 6-Robert Balmer, Warren MI


Monday September 7-Closing ceremony.

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